Had a bad day at work? Having sleep issues? Feeling extremely fatigued? Receding hairline troubles? The answer to all of these questions is simple: a good Indian head massage therapy. Massages are immensely therapeutic and can work wonders for your physical and mental health, enabling you to lead a happy and healthy life precisely because of its magical ability to relax your body and mind. Indian head massage systems are very herbal and don’t just exercise relaxing properties but some excellent massages in their treatment room can promote your hair growth as well.

How Does Massaging Facilitate Hair Growth?

Massaging your scalp with essential oils promotes hair growth. It's no big secret that it enhances the blood flow cycle to the head which in turn acts as an impetus to your hair growth.

Trained therapists know the trick. They know how to apply pressure at the right points. Massaging can be very technical and a skilled masseuse can help you out in this regard.

Stimulating the blood vessels on the scalp enables them to absorb oxygen better. Hair follicles are composed of hyperactive stem cells. Even they need to breathe! Hair is much like trees; each strand of your hair requires an adequate and equal number of nutrients for their proper growth.

A good massage will also keep distractions at bay. Aligning your massaging motions with your breathing helps you to sit back and relax.

The Role Of Oils During Messaging Process:

The oil will determine to a large extent how well your problem can be tackled - Dry and itchy scalps cure with Chamomile oil; if you have dandruff issues work with lemons; while hair growth demands castor oil and almond oil. Peppermint oil is highly recommended for it has the properties of a natural cleanser and in turn enriches blood circulation to the scalp.

A good head massage will offer you a number of additional benefits. It will take care of headaches, spondylitis or neck pain, any kind of anxiety or stress. Essential oils like Rosemary, grape seed oil Jojoba, thyme fused with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil not only prevents hair fall but accentuates hair growth.

Your hair follicles need certain nutrients to help increase or even sustain hair growth which can be accomplished through a session of massage therapy.

If you are worried that scalp massage may cause hair loss, here is a fun fact: the hair loss risk that tags along with scalp massages are the hair that would fall out anyway. So don’t freak out!

With the stress of life, career, and society in general, a good massage parlor is just what you need. No one can undermine a good massage session. In fact, naps after a good massage will dissolve all your problems and anxieties. However, make sure you seek therapy from a professional. The choice of oil is essential to anticipate good hair growth. Go book your head massage session before that receding hairline takes a serious toll!

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