There are many things that go into the process of getting married. Before officially getting married, most people go through an engagement. This commitment lasts between a couple of days and years, depending on the personal preferences of the people. While most people focus on the wedding and all of the impending chores, engagement itself is an important event as well. When most people commit, there is a process for everyone to know about the commitment. To do this, several things must happen. Often, the couple will hire an engagement photographer to create lasting memories of their engagement process. There are several ways that an engagement photographer can create memories for the prospect of the bride and groom to see in the future. Some ways engagement photographers capture the engagement experience include digital and online albums, presentations, and prints.

Albums: Engagement albums are a unique way for people to record their engagement experience. An engagement album is a collection of photos showing various aspects of a couple's engagement. These photos can include everything from a photo of the restaurant where the proposal was made to photos of a bachelorette party. Future boyfriends allow the engagement photographer to take pictures of their entire engagement as they see fit. Once a collection of engagement photos is compiled, the bride and groom will simply decide which photos will go to their official engagement album. There are different types of engagement albums that a professional photographer develops for his clients. People can choose from a variety of binding methods for their album, as well as different papers for photographs and different types of covers for the actual album. The exterior of the album can be made of leather, suede or any other material that the bride and groom wish. These albums are also available in different sizes, from 8x8 to the largest dimensions of 12x12. Albums are a great way for people to record and show their commitment.

Online and digital slide shows - People want to be able to share their engagement with family and friends. This includes images taken from the various engagement events. Instead of going through a physical album or single photos, many people choose to create online or digital engagement slide shows. In many ways, this is an electronic engagement album. The professional photographer can set up a website that displays their clients' photographs. It is similar to a traditional paper album, except that it is on the Internet and is in digital form. Using online and digital slide shows for engagement photos allows people to easily add and remove images. It also makes it easy for them to share photos with others. Often, these electronic engagement slide shows are easily emailed to friends and family so everyone can have a chance to view engagement photos. Many professional photographers also offer their clients the option of receiving a disc that includes all images taken from the engagement in digital format.

Impressions: Some people want to record their engagement through unique impressions. Instead of using the traditional photography process, a professional photographer can use different media to show engagement activities. For example, a traditional engagement photograph is transferable to canvas or metal plate. These particular prints are perfect as wall decorations.

Engagement photographers can create lasting memories for their clients by offering them various means to display their engagement photographs in various ways. People have the option of choosing online or digital albums, prints, and media as a means to show their commitment.

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Engagement photographers can create lasting memories for their clients by offering them various means to display their engagement photographs in various ways.