Artificial intelligence is the buzzword these days. According to IDC, by 2020, the AI market will grow to $47 billion influencing in every business sector. HR industry has also started using this fast-paced technology to simplify its operations.

A common scenario in an HR department is that managers are engrossed with day-to-day activities. This includes screening candidates, taking interviews, making salaries, dealing with various compliance issues, managing internal communication and much more. Technology makes sure that HR managers and professionals start doing smart work by saving their time and efforts. The routine management tasks tend to become monotonous and can be completed by AI in a go.

How AI helps HR?


Recruitment is one area, the scope of which can be enhanced and improved through automation. There are number of software which helps recruiters find the best fit for their company. Chatbots are an amazing source of interaction which helps candidates learn about the company where they would like to apply for a job. There are many scenarios in the recruitment process where technology plays an important role.

A CV parser helps in screening the right candidate by extracting data from resumes and putting it in pre-designed fields. This helps the recruiters to shortlist candidates according to the requirements.

A step ahead in automation is providing relevant matches to recruiters. This is done through Semantic search and match. There are intuitive software which provides similar resume recommendations matching a resume or job. Thus, an employer need not search for more resumes if he is not satisfied with the resume selected initially.

Old database is usually of no use for employers. However, you can enrich your resumes by adding new and updated information in them. Resume enrichment is a fantastic recruiting tool which fetches candidate information from their social media profiles.

An Enhanced Performance Review

Managers spend a lot of time in creating performance reviews. NLP has taken this process to a new level. Employee data can be kept at one place which is easy to manage. An employee’s work can be easily reviewed by the system and a project or a new task can be suggested according to his profile. Thus, HR managers do not need to spend time collecting data, devising strategies and reviewing the performance of employees. All these activities can be done through a single click.

Functions like a Human

Professionals fear that artificial intelligence will take up all our jobs within a few years. But this is just a myth. Technology will not eliminate human intervention rather it will make it more humanized. This can be explained through an example:

A company needs a leader for a project. The system checks data of internal employees and finds potential fits. HR manager selects an employee for the new task and the system informs the employee about his promotion. In case, there is a need to undergo training, the employee is asked to fill an application for attending the same.

Recognizing Emotions

The face of HR is changing with the course of time. Employers are working with the belief that an engaged workforce delivers excellent results. HR managers create strategies and organize activities to keep the staff in high spirits. They are concerned about the emotions of their employees and technology can surely help to assess the same. Time is not far away when facial recognition technology can tell what affects the mood of an employee. It will prove to be very useful for managers who can create strategies to keep their employees happy.

Less Human Bias

Recruiters are sometimes criticized over hiring candidates of their choice or someone who is known to them. As automation will screen candidates based on their skills and experience, there is less chance of being biased towards an applicant. This gives candidates an equal chance of competing against merit. Thus, automation reduces chances of favoritism.

AI has created ripples in the HR industry. It is a fact that more intelligent HR solutions will be created when technology is combined with human efforts. It can create more happy workers and a happier workplace. Thus, debunk the myth of losing your job to technology. It will rather make you more productive and ensure quality results.

Author's Bio: 

Lovepreet Dhaliwal works with Rchilli Inc, a leading CV parsing software provider which helps in speeding up your recruitment process. An MBA in HR and marketing, he has over six years of work experience in business development and strategic sales.