Your body is exact replica of a machine and just like a machine which is specifically designed to work and accomplish certain tasks similarly your body has preset tasks it has to accomplish every day to keep you alive. But some people challenges the limitations of their body only to find out that things don’t go the way they think. Addiction is one such condition that people fall prey to when they start experimenting with their body. The hallucinating effect that most addicts feel when they use a substance is what turns into their biggest weakness over a period of time. The amazing fact about your body is that it start to adapt to substances which people introduce to it. This is one of the prime reason why a person become addict and when he/she think to quit, the body doesn’t allow him to do it so easily.

So we can say, what you do to your body is what your body does to you. The better you keep it the better it will become and healthier you will be. Addiction is a modern day lifestyle complex condition that is spreading more rapidly than ever. Addiction be it of alcohol, drugs, steroids, hallucinogens etc. is bad for body and over a period of time it damages the functioning of some vital organs like the liver, kidney and heart. Addictive substances work in a reverse way, they make the body work hard to detoxify it. So just like a machine breakdown when it is loaded with work beyond its capacity similarly the body gives up. Following which the person only regret because the consequences are horrific.

Addiction of any substance is not something that goes by itself when a person stop using that substance. Rather it takes psychological and physical toll on the addict. It is said that if you have “will power” you can do whatever you want but in case of addiction the saying doesn’t go well. There are fifty percent chances of an addict to again fall prey to the same substance which he/she was using even after completing the rehabilitation successfully. Many drug addiction treatment centers in Palm Beach help people overcome their addiction but it is entirely upon the person whether he persuade the same path again or say “NO” to it forever.

How to Overcome Addiction?

1. Know your triggers: When you have decided to quit the first thing you have to do is to identify your triggers. Keep away from people, places or things that lure you to go back to your old habits. If you can do this half of your struggle is over.

2. Indulge in something you have interest in: The biggest problem with addiction is that people forget to indulge in things they loved the most. So you have to wake up the same interest again in you because this will help you become stronger mentally and over a period of time you will start rejoicing your life again.

3. Make friends or join social groups: Loneliness is also a prime factor because of which people start taking help of substances to curb the feeling of being lonely. So make friends and join social groups because you will have someone to share your life experiences and there is always someone present by your side to motivate you.

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