Yes, yes, we have all the rumors about Google's intention is to create a Google one more tool that the end of the site's popularity in the state.

When I heard I thought it was a great idea! Above, after careful consideration of all factors, I recently discovered that I do not think that adding this new card in advance, more than Google is a powerful tool for measuring the true value of the site will come. May the reason is simple: the human factor involved.

Imagine a small business in a very competitive niche, such as real estate. Your website is the latest in a privileged position in the SERP (Search engine ranking pages) and the flux of the organic movement.

You think about yourself all the hard work finally come together and work. They have been in business for a long time, and many customers. His social media and SEO updates, and make every effort to promote their brand and online presence. They did all the "white hat", and now finally rewarded.

The next day, he discovers a shocking turn to the issue and have no idea why. Be aware, after investigation, the website, your position has a built-in Google there are a thousand thumbs up. How is this possible? The human factor.

Each of these factors may have contributed to the dependence of the SERP:

The site was paid for people to give them a boost.
Someone needs to manage a tooth on its website or in person, and like any other web site.
Some clever SEO realized that this is a reasonable way to go to additional traffic, but has no real value to determine the true popularity of the website.
The new site is just far more popular than his. Think about it, just under the moon, and just not really in any way?

Make no mistake, social media is a perfect complement to the new rating system Google.

He created the opportunity, many black hat SEO techniques to stop, and the situation has improved in the online world. Now companies want to show the importance of inspiring with their clients and be more flexible when it comes to using SEO techniques if they are in the top of search results. This provided a playground for online businesses. The significance of this can only be measured.

It is my opinion. But every time I give you the freedom of public opinion and create conditions conducive to abuse. People think that sometimes it's fun "flying feathers." Not quite, but there are always bad apples in every group.

Social media is no exception to this rule is the black sheep, creating dramatic, as I write this article a lot.

I think that social media is exactly what the online world in order to boost morale. And "the possibility of a business process more open to dialogue with the customer premises and the popularity of the brand. Ultimately, consumers will be those who actually use the products and services in a way that makes sense, it would be advisable, but let's see the truth eyes, public opinion, and freedom has the potential to generate a large amount of damage.

We see the damage that people have created every day, and the Internet is no exception. Check out some of the social media are here, but not for all his good hands.

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