The vibrating air amplifies the sounds created by the body. The sound we generate from wind instruments is made possible by the vibration of the air column. The creation of this sound happens when we blow air into the wind instrument while tensing your lips through the mouthpiece. The tongue also acts like a valve that controls the initial and the length of the sounds.

However, there is a rule which says that any big wind instrument will have a longer the air column and it will make the most profound sound. Smaller instruments, on the other hand, will have a shorter air column and they will make the highest sound. In contrast, the stronger you blow, the louder the sound that will be generated by the instrument.

The trumpet is a small instrument that has the highest brass. It has a narrow gauge of about 11.5mm, which was passed over a tube length of about 1.30m in total and this produces brilliant and brighter sounds. To get different harmonic series of sounds, you have to play the instrument by varying the strain in your lip muscles. You have low sounds when you relax the muscles and high sounds with greater tensions in the muscles.

Why are the Functions of the Valves?

You can play all natural overtones without the use of the valves on the trumpet. The overtone series contains several sounds, some of which are difficult to play like the upper ranges. To play chromatically or even diatonically, you need to apply a technical trick. This trick differs in every instrument and to play these tones; you need to apply these tricks. In trumpet, the valves – rotary or piston valve - does this trick. The trombone, on the other hand, has only the slide.

The three valves present in the trumpet makes it easy for the player to lower the trumpet tune by single (using the 2nd valve), double (using the 1st valve) or even triple (using the 3rd valve) halftones. When the valve is depressed, the air column is lengthened as the air flows through the valve slide; meaning that all chromatic sounds can be played.

You can generate a special sound effect when you depress a valve half-way. While combining the breathing and embouchure with half valve, you will produce different sounds and effects from horse whicker in the circus band to blue note in blues and Jazz.

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