Mice are unwelcome visitors in homes and people who will discover mice in their abode will often freak out. Aside from the fact that they carry diseases and bring nasty odors, mice can also carry fleas, which are other issues to deal with. This makes it important to reach out to a local pest control expert if you have mice infestation at home. 

Mice tend to live in the wild and pick up fleas from other wild animals. They bring these fleas, mites, and other skin parasites into any home they might invade. This increases the pest control issue for homeowners. 

Effects of a Mice Infestation 

If you have mice infestation at home, this means these pests have built a nest and started reproducing. These activities can cause extensive issues including sanitation problems and property damage. While mice are small, they can file down the growing front teeth by gnawing constantly. They can chew through wood, household items like books or furniture, drywall, and PVC pipes. This can result in structural damage in your home and pose a threat of fire because of exposed wires. 

What Happens When Fleas are Introduced Into your Home

When mice introduce fleas into your home, you will have a growing list of issues to deal with. Fleas bite people and pets. Their bites can trigger allergic reactions that can be serious in both humans and animals. Also, as with mice, fleas can transmit plague and typhus to humans, tapeworm, and heartworm to dogs and cats, as well as cat scratch fever to cats.  

What Draws Mice into Your Home

Mice are drawn to your house for the same reason any pests come indoors. These creatures come in during cold, wet, hot, or icy weather, searching for food, shelter, and water. They get in through traps and holes around doors, vents, windows, and other areas. Once inside, they can thrive for a long time if they have access to food and water. Mice can chew throw boxes of food items in your pantry and consume water pooling under a leaky pipe or faucet. They commonly use insulation inside walls to make a soft nest for breeding.

A lot of homeowners deal with mice and flea infestations on their own and spend plenty of time, money, and energy in the process. However, they often discover that the issue is far beyond their control. Usually, contacting a pest control expert saves you a lot of time, money, and trouble. The professional has knowledge and experience as well as tools and strategies to address pest infestations efficiently and quickly. 



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