We all have goodness in us. Some of us are more vocal about it. And some like to act more on it than others.

From time to time they may wish to lend a helping hand to the one who needs it the most. 

Volunteers are those good-deed doers who assist the vulnerable community members who need to rely on others.

These volunteers need to go through volunteers' history checks to work in a voluntary role. Types of volunteer work that may require a police check include:

  • Aged care
  • Child care
  • Teaching
  • Public health
  • Driving duties
  • Financial role

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission recognizes that many organizations contribute to community safety through non-for-profit, charitable, or volunteer services.

As a matter of fact, the requirement of a volunteer check differs from state to state with respect to working with children. Thus, working with children check is mandatory for certain volunteers working with children for Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia.

For the rest of the states working with children, checks are not currently available for volunteers except Tasmania where consideration is being given to developing a system.

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What is a volunteer police check?

Is a police check free for volunteers?

How long are police checks valid for volunteers?

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important for Volunteers to get Criminal History Check

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How a Criminal History Check is Important for a Volunteer?”

A volunteer history check can be obtained through KONCHECK, an ACIC accredited body within 1-2 business days.