Experiencing intimacy with your partner is an essential part of the bonding process you share as a couple. Cuddling, having deep conversations, sharing secrets and making love – these are all activities that typically build up and represent closeness between the two of you. No matter where we might fall on the introvert/extrovert spectrum, intimacy is something that should come naturally to us. After all, we are very social creatures and are essentially pack animals as we prefer to live in ‘small clans’. Of course as we’ve evolved, we can survive on our own, but we tend to gravitate towards each other. There’s something comforting about having company.

However some people might find it more difficult to open up to other people. If you or your partner feel as though you might have intimacy issues, you can take measures to analyse and remedy these behaviours. From counselling with a therapist to having a simple conversation with each other, there are various things you can do. Many online blogs will advise that you talk it out with each other. But what if you’ve had many conversations and it’s still not working? Then it’s time to take a different approach.

A body to body massage is a possible approach. This is a style of naked massage which involves the masseuse using her nude body to massage the client’s. The masseuse will use a combination of different pressures, parts of her body and total naked skin-to-skin contact to stimulate the client. A body to body massage is undoubtedly a highly erotic massage, but there are more benefits to be experienced than pure pleasure.

1. The total skin contact is very comforting

Touch has been proven to be powerfully therapeutic. Various studies and articles have examined its effectiveness. In 2009, Matthew Hertenstein, a psychologist from DePauw University, showed that we have a natural ability to decode emotions using just touch. His studies involved volunteers trying to communicate a series of emotions to a blindfolded stranger through just touch alone. Although many of the volunteers were hesitant about touching (something Hertenstein attributed to our society being “touch-phobic”), we have an innate ability to give and receive emotional signals using solely touch. Eight distinct emotions – anger, disgust, fear, sadness, sympathy, gratitude, love and happiness – had accuracy rates as high at 78 per cent.

(Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/201303/the-power-touch )

Needless to say, touch is extremely comforting and what does a body to body massage consist of? Full bare bodily contact so it really doesn’t get more comforting than this.

2. The full body contact encourages formation of bonds

Just as the full bodily contact is extremely comforting, it is also essential for the creation and solidifying of emotional bonds. A great deal of trust goes into a body to body massage. After all, you wouldn’t let just anyone rub their naked body against yours, would you? You’d have to fully trust the masseuse and surrender not just your physical side, but your mental and emotional sides. Allow yourself to be putty in their hands and shape you into a new form.

3. Shared pleasure that makes you focus on each other

A body to body massage is mutually beneficial. The masseuse uses her body to massage you, which feels pleasurable to you but the sensation of your naked body underneath hers will also feel pleasurable to her. You’ll feel pampered and adored while the masseuse will feel dominant and powerful. Not only is a body to body massage a great alternative to the typical foreplay activities, it allows you to focus on each other and only each other. When conducted correctly, your mind will struggle to think about anything other than the feeling of each other’s bare bodies. This is the perfect breeding ground for intimacy. Every stroke and caress will bring you closer together.

4. You’ll feel more in love with every stroke

Sometimes intimacy can be lost if the sex life gets too repetitive. A body to body massage is a great way to shake things up. Forget dry humping – it’s all about coating each other in warm, silky oils and sensually sliding up and down the curves of each other’s bodies. As well as this, the full skin on skin contact stimulates the production and release of oxytocin, which is also known as the love drug. Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for nurturing and maintaining the love connection between two people. It may be just what you need to reignite the passionate fires in your relationship. After a body to body massage, you’re guaranteed to feel pleasurably and emotionally closer to your partner.

And there you go – how a body to body massage can help cure intimacy problems. Will you be trying a b2b massage to bring back the spice in your life? Let us know how you get on!

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