Being a member in a blog tribe will give your business massive exposure online and help you get more sales. This article will explain how a blog tribe works.
In order for a blog tribe to work properly, 2 things are required.
1. The blogs in the tribe must be relevant.
2. Each team members must participate.
Relevancy- Since members of the tribe will be sharing each others content with their respective network of friends online, it is important that the blog content be related.
You can create a tribe for cooking blogs , wellness blogs, telcom blogs, home business blogs, etc. Just don’t mix them all together.
Participation- The 20/80 rule can be applied to just about everything in life. If you have 10 people in your network marketing organization, two of them are probably providing most of the activity and volume in your business.
The same is true in a blog tribe. If you have 10 members, you will find that 2 people do most of the work, and everybody else just sits there and does not contribute.
Most tribes solve this problem by rewarding its most active members with praise and recognition.
The 2K Blog Tribe handles this problem a little differently since it is an extension of The Cartoon Coach’s Internet Marketing Training Program.
The Cartoon Coach’s Internet Marketing Coaching Program teaches personal responsibility. This is why students can schedule their own appointments. They are receiving an incredible amount of value for free.
If they keep making excuses and missing their own appointments, then this shows that they either do not fully recognize or appreciate the value that they are receiving. The 2K Trainers/Coaches are instructed to only spend their valuable time with their most serious and appreciative students.
This same principle can be applied to your network marketing business. Instead of spending valuable time following up with prospects, who act like they are interested in your opportunity, why not spend your time working with people whose actions speak louder than their words.
The way the 2K Blog Tribe handles this problem, is to simply eliminate members who prove to be dead weight after a period of time.
2K Blog Tribe Members are required to do two things daily.
1. Share each others content
2. Comment on each others content.
Sharing- In order to share a fellow tribe members content, those members must have sharing tools installed on their blogs.
Sharing tools work with social media, and the tool will display the social media icon that corresponds with its functionality.
For example, if you click on the Facebook icon, then that particular blog post will post to your Facebook wall, and all of your 100 Facebook friends will be able to view that particular post. This will give you more exposure, which is why it is important that you are providing quality, useful content on your blog.
If 10 tribe members share your content, then that multiplies your exposure by 10. As the team grows, your exposure will grow with it.
Commenting- You should leave a comment with your Blog Signature every time you share a post. This will allow you to incorporate the principle or sowing and reaping into your business.
Search engines give websites with the most relevant links, the most recognition, and the highest rankings. If you are consistently leaving links back to your website (blog), then you will eventually be able to rank in the search engine for most keywords.
Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a greater understanding of how a blog tribe works. However the best way to increase your understanding more is to take action and participate.
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