Heart disease takes more life than any other illness across the planet. In 2009 in the USA, 599,413 died of heart related problems. Far too frequently the cause of death was a myocardial infarction, or heart attack. Looking at the WHO figures for Thailand for 2011, the death statistics are probably worse. There were 53328 deaths from this cause. Statistically this figure comprised 10.30% of total fatalities. However, strokes proved to be the number one killer with 73429 or 14.18% of total deaths. We glimpse then that heart disease and related strokes were responsible for almost a quarter of all passings in Thailand in 2011.

Conventional medicine attributes heart disease to lifestyle and bad nutrition. Factors responsible are reputed to be lack of exercise, high cholesterol and a diet rich in Trans fats and sugars. Yes, these are contributory factors but are the real cause? The answer is a resounding "No" from Dr. Gert Hamer.

Dr Hamer's life diametrically changed direction in 1978. Up to then he had worked for over 15 years as an internist in University Hospital Clinics. For 5 of these years he had held the position of professor. Here was an experienced medical doctor. He was no flake hovering on the outside of the profession. In 1978 his son, Dirk, was shot dead on a boat anchored off Corsica. This heart wrenching shock was,understandably, to alter the course of Gert Hamer's life forever. Shortly afterwards, he developed testicular cancer; he wondered if there was a link.

He overcame his illness and went on to work at "The Oncology-Gynecology Clinic" at Munich University Hospital; three years later thanks to his female patients, he was able to answer his own question. He discovered the ladies with cancer, like himself had all experienced a terrible shock shortly before developing their disease. It was from this conclusion in 1981, that "Germanic New Medicine" was born.

Conventional medicine will tell you that an actual heart attack is caused by the buildup of arterial plaque. This is connected to high blood cholesterol levels; the heart attack itself is caused by a piece of this plaque coming loose and blocking the coronary artery. Again, Dr. Hamer's findings disagree. His theory is that heart attacks occur due to a conflict shock that involves what he calls "territorial loss". This could be the loss of a partner, a business loss, a job loss, the loss of a car, a money loss or even the loss of a testicle! Heart disease often strikes when a successful businessman retires, replaced by younger and fitter rivals. Ken Lay fought hard for Enron as its CEO; he died of a massive heart attack in 2006 whilst awaiting sentencing at the end of the Enron trial. This classic example gives a good example of territorial loss conflict. In an interview shortly before his death, Lay called Enron his child and compared the loss of the company to the death of a child.

Dr. Hamer's view lies not in the realms of psychology, instead he urged everyone to think "animal". He feels we are still very close to the packs and herds of our early ancestors. A stag forced out of the herd by a young buck, has to fight to retake his position or possibly die. To prepare for the fight, the stag needs more energy. To acquire this, the coronary artery enlarges, so more blood can enter the myocardium. Once the conflict is resolved, he no longer needs this turbo-charge. He has won the contest, everything returns to normal and the body can repair itself. The artery begins to reduce in size; the gaps are filled by cholesterol. He is in the healing phase. Dependant on the time the conflict has lasted (it could be a mere matter of weeks) the system enters a healing crisis. It does this by expelling water in the form of a local edema. This is the heart attack. At the same time, the coronary artery brain relay, located directly above the right ear acts as controller of the event. If you witness such a crisis, quickly take a bag of ice and place it on the spot. This stops the arrhythmia and fast thinking like that can potentially save a life by halting the attack itself.

Remember, if you are present when somebody has a heart attack; place an ice bag directly above the right ear.If you should experience a "territorial loss" it can help alleviate the symptoms if you go and see a therapist who is able to help you potentially digest and reduce the shock.

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Alister Bredee is a freelance author specializing in articles on health related topics. He is also a health care practitioner and trainer.Currently he is the senior partner in Health Ambit Consultancy, located in Koh Samui where he lives.He can be contacted via his website: http://www.healthambit.com. He publishes a regular blog http://www.healthambit.blogspot.com