A magazine of Japan interviewed over 600 Japanese households about the ways they save money. And there are some useful tips for you to become a wise household in spending.

1. Withdraw All The Money In The Card To Manage The Cash Flow Easily
This way seems to be simple, but it is an effective household money saving tip. Thanks to the cash in hand, a housewife can control the level of using money and have the reasonable expenses.

2. Set A Target Number To Save Money
Another household money saving tip is setting a target number to save money each week, each month. For example, each week you try to save 5000 Yen. Although it is only a small amount of money, after one month you have to flabbergast about a large amount of money you have saved. Keep a jar to collect all the coins. We often tend to spend all the free coins in our wallet but this habit can lead to wasting money on unnecessary spend. However, the small penny can combine to become a huge amount of money.

3. Shop At Right Time Of Year
Time your home item purchase to get the cheapest prices. For example, furniture in January/February, barbecues in fall and holiday decor after Christmas. Consider carefully before buying new furniture or clothes because it may not be the right for you to purchase.

4. Part-Time Jobs
A part-time job is an interesting household money saving tip if you have free time. This cash in flow can increase the income for your family and you also ensure completing the housework. There are some part-time jobs that you can do such as sale online, copywriters…

5. Make A Household Budget
It’s time to sit down and do a budget to 'trim the fat'. See where your hidden expenses are, and examine where your dollar are going. This way can help you find out the unreasonable spend on upon time. As a result, you can cut down unnecessary expenses and you can learn to build a suitable budget and make cash budget for the next month.

6. Compare, Compare, And Compare
Before spending money on certain purposes, Japanese households will spend time comparing cost and the best value they will have if buying any good or services. It is also useful, for instance, cooking for the family or party can save more than 62,400 Yen /year instead of eating out. Or, instead of drinking type 1 water, you can drink the cheaper beers or beverage (low malt). It can save 31,200 Yen / year. Or, after shopping in the supermarket, you go back around and returned items are not necessary for most – it can save 15,600 Yen /year.

7. Make Your Own Gifts
You always get a headache with the money spending on gifts for birthday parties of friends or some special occasions. Don’t be worry; you can cut down the money by making gifts by your hand. There are many handmade items you can make easily and give as gifts such as personalized picture frames or sewing, knitting, or painting projects. All these gift ideas can help you save a bundle.

8. Turn Off The Light
Turning off the light sounds simple but it is very effective to save money. But making sure you are diligent about turning off the lights when not in use can really help keep energy costs down.

9. Make a List Of Items Before Shopping
Make a list of items before shopping will help you spend purposefully, not being exceeded the budgets. Before you go shopping you should write down a shopping list, and when going to the supermarket, you should go to right areas to selected items on the shopping list. Sometimes, not “planning” for shopping, you are attracted by the banners, advertisements, sweet invitations around the ears, and you want to “take them to home”. As a result, your spending plan is broken and you cannot save money for future plans.

10. Purchase Durable Appliances
Most of housewives are likely to buy cheap furniture because they think that cheap price will help them cut down the expenses. If you are the same as them, you may be wrong. Since the cheaper the price is, the more inferior the quality. When you buy this furniture or any gears with the cheapest prices, you only use them for a short time because of their poor quality. And, you have to spend another expense for repairing, even you have to spend a large amount of money for purchasing new furniture. Remember that paying reasonable money for durable furniture rather than buying lower quality ones.

Above are 10 useful tips for you to become a wise household in spending. We hope our effort to give you these household money saving tips can be useful for you in your daily life.

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