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Beautiful curtains on windows and doors are an important part of our home decoration. Curtains are useful as well to enhance the beauty of the room. Nowadays, along with printed curtains, GOP curtain and pearl cute have also come in the market, which is being well-liked by the housewives.

Curtains play an important role in home decoration. Usually, we all put the curtains in our house. But if you want, you can give a new look to your home by putting different types of curtains. Let's know about some easy tips to decorate the house with curtains.


Curtain varietals

Different types of printed and plain fabrics are easily available in the market these days, in which velvet, polyester, cotton-synthetic mix material, etc. are prominent. To avoid the mess of making curtains, one can buy readymade curtains. Some people put curtains for decoration, some people put curtains in homes to avoid dust and sunlight. Nowadays there is a trend of designer curtains which are useful as well as beautiful.


When choosing curtains, if you buy curtains with linings, these curtains are effective in protecting from the sun as well as giving your room a somber look.


Nowadays, two-layer curtains are also fashionable. If you want, you can choose one layer of tissue and another layer of curtains with heavy fabric.

If you choose a heavy fabric for a pleated curtain, then it does not make your curtain pleas well, so it is better that you choose a lightweight fabric for curtains. You can also choose Viol, Cotton, Silk or Wool material for the curtain, or if you want, you can also select the material according to the house.

Security benefits with double glazing

Windows curtains


If there are dark colors like red, blue, yellow, black curtains in the house, then they should be replaced with pastel colors like white, off white, mint green, camel brown. The curtains should not be too thick so that air does not enter. Be able to

You can also put double curtains in the house. That is, the net white screen and Georgette screen with it. This will also change the look, while the room will also remain airy.

Beautiful clips are also available in the market for curtains. Decorate clips of a shade lighter or a shade dark in a color similar to the walls or from the curtain.

Putting thin glass colored tapes on the curtains separately, the house will look beautiful.

Decorations can also be done with elephants, horses, birds, glass, dolls, birds, puppets etc. adorned with Rajasthani or Gujarati handwork.

Beautiful and lifelike vines of artificial flowers can also be hung with curtains

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