Affordability is one of the biggest advantages of rental homes. For those who are looking to rent a home in the metro cities, finding an affordable place that doesn't compromise on the essential amenities can be a challenge. To streamline the search process for renters and to ensure that they can enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle wherever they choose to live, here are 6 things to keep in mind before choosing an affordable rental home:

1. Enquire about the market rate for rents: If you're on the lookout for an affordable rental home, you want to be sure that you're not paying anything more than what you absolutely have to. Use a credible source of information, such as, to find out the prevailing market rate for rents in the locality before you close in on an agreement.

2. Assess the location and connectivity: Is the rent for the accommodation sounding too good to be true? There could be a catch! Typically, that catch is the location and/or connectivity. Don't compromise on a good location that allows easy connectivity via roads and public transport to your workplace, schools, hospitals and other lifestyle amenities.

3. Don't compromise on the amenities: We often work with a mistaken assumption that a rental accommodation can never quite feel like home. It seems like we are the only ones to blame for that, because we're often willing to compromise on the amenities that are otherwise quite important to us. Whether it is the design or layout of the house, or the lifestyle and recreational amenities offered by the residential complex, keep in mind that there is ample choice in the market that is well within your budget so, there is little need to compromise and a bigger need to search correctly on the right kind of platform.

4. Review the lease carefully: Needless to say, you must be very comfortable with all the terms and conditions presented to you by the owner. At times, the residential complex may be equipped with amenities like a swimming pool or clubhouse, but tenants can be barred from using them unless the owner specifically entitles them to. Make sure that these details have been figured out in the written agreement.

5. Go with a trusted developer: This is another mistake that renters are likely to make. Just because you're not investing a whole lot of money into that home does not mean that you should go with just about any rental prospect that comes your way. With your safety in mind, it is important to choose a residential project developed by a trusted and reputed builder, so that you can be assured of the quality of the home in which you are likely to spend valuable years of your life.

6. Find out what it's like to live there: We hesitate to try new restaurants, travel destinations and even taxi rides until we have satisfied ourselves with countless detailed reviews and ratings, so it is indeed surprising that we are willing to live in a home that we know precious little about! It's time to put an end to staying in the dark about the place that we wish to call home. You can access detailed ratings and reviews of localities and also of specific rental accommodations on RentXZ, India's 1st real estate portal that is driven by customer-generated content.


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As more and more working professionals in the urban areas are choosing to stay in rented homes (rather than investing in one), homeowners are paying attention to the amenities that top the list of requirements by tenants. Home renters in India today are on the lookout for a holistic and well-rounded living experience, even when they are living in rented accommodation.