Culture represents predefined vision which guides the employees and gives them a sense of direction at the workplace. As vision statement of DR VN BRIMS also states “To be among the top management institutes in the country and become the world class center of excellence in learning and innovation, driven by social sensitivity and state of art technology”
At DR VN BRIMS, there is continuous experiment to upgrade the knowledge delivery mechanism using various tools and practices which is the necessity of today’s VUCA world.
According to Bloom’s Taxonomy, BRIMS targets HOTs (Higher Order Thinking Skills) to pursue our Mission. (BRIMS Mission: To develop the promising managers by nurturing their skills).
Until at the graduation phase learner is going through LOTs but when learner enters at post-graduation phase, it becomes an important responsibility of an institute to nurture those HOTs.
At DR VN BRIMS, HOTs are developed by various tools and techniques in synchronization with syllabus prescribed by regulatory authorities. (AICTE, University of Mumbai etc.)
BRIMS offer two years full time programmes in management studies:
1.Post Graduate Diploma in Management - PGDM
2.Master of Management Studies - MMS
1st year 2nd year
Introduction of all management related subjects Specialization related subjects along with two projects

During these two-year period BRIMS focuses on following skills for development purpose through teaching-learning pedagogy:
Applying: Learner apply their understanding with respect to given scenario- Selecting, displaying, working, illuminating, interpreting, organizing schedule, solving problem
Analyzing: Using available information and exploring the relationships-Differentiate, organize, relate, compare, examine, experiment, test etc.
Evaluating: taking a decision on analyzed information and Justifying that decision- Delivering argumentation, defending in debates, stating, deciding, offering support, giving review, executing evaluation.
Creating- use information to create something new- Construct, modify, develop, create, reconstruct, invent, verify, devise, compose.
Teaching plan implementing thoughtful statements promote applied thinking and addressing for diverse student needs. Scaffolding (giving students assistance at the introduction of a lecture and progressively arming students to work individually) helps students to nurture higher order thinking skills. Skillful learning strategies include practice, explanation, organization and meta cognition. Lessons should be explicitly designed to teach specialized learning strategies namely Questioning, transfer of knowledge, categorization, collation, creation, prioritization, correct judgement, interpretation, good understanding. Some of the listed activities to enhance higher order thinking skill integrating representational thinking are:
Instructor creating a challenging learning environment.
Suggesting new problems appropriate to the concept.
Providing corrective feed back to the proposals generated.
Encouraging verbal correlations relevant to the problem.
Encouraging logical deductive and inductive reasoning.
Suggesting new problems relevant to the concept.
Providing corrective feed back to the ideas generated.
Encouraging verbal analogies relevant to the

 Promoting logical deductive and inductive reasoning.
 These skills not only help a student to learn but helps them to use the knowledge beyond the classroom. Through these levels, the students will see why the information that they learn is useful and helpful in their lives. They can apply the information to solve a problem at home or at work and gain experience with their knowledge. Most of the students assume assignment as pointless busy work but with Bloom’s taxonomy, students will not only realize the purpose of the information they are learning but be more motivated to learn as well. If they know the value of the information they learn and understand the practicality of it, the students will most definitely be more motivated to learn.

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