Saxony-Anhalt is a notable place in present Germany as this state embraces many historic cities and towns. This article is about Stendal, a small town in land-locked Saxony-Anhalt. This town is the unofficial capital of Altmark that is known as the place of lush green grounds and freshwater rivers. It is said that Stendal is the place for health vacations. When staying at this town, you can do plenty of physical exercise including walking, biking, horse riding and swimming and go home fit and strong. You can choose one of the hotels Stendal that suits to your requirements and fits into your budget.

Hotels Stendal offers a myriad of facilities and luxuries to their guests. Some resorts offer discount on early booking. Also there are accommodations that provide pick and drop facility from the airport. In short, you can get the facility you want to make your vacations more enjoyable. The good thing is that you don’t need to contact a travel agent to book an accommodation or lodging as hotels are available online and you can choose the best for you. Look at each accommodation, see the facilities it is offering and also find the price of a room.

Stendal has many places of importance and you would certainly love to visit that places. The main attraction of this town is Theatre of the Altmark that was founded in 1946 and it is still functional. The theater is used for dance events, concerts and other entertainment activities. Winckelmann Museum is another important place in this town. This museum showcases biographical documents, Greek sculpture and other artworks. Also there is Fire Brigade Museum and the Gothic cathedral. These places have historical importance and people from nearby cities come to see these places. You can look for hotels Stendal that are close to attractions and book one that you find suitable.

The outdoor activities available in Stendal are horse riding, paragliding, biking, yoga and meditation. This town has acres of lush green space where you can rest, relax and rejuvenate your tired self. If you love reading books then you can bring your stack of unfinished books and finish your reading project by sitting in a secluded place. Stendal has many places where you can enjoy the calm that is missing in big cosmopolitan cities. If you have never been to this town then you should consider visiting it ones. Look for best hotels Stendal and book one that meets your requirements.

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