Getting much and much popular vacation spot among the worldwide travelers, specially people that want to explore the beauties of South America, Chile has a lot to offer. This unusual country is a real land of contrasts and spectacular splendor stretching over 4,000km from Southern Peru along the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the region of Patagonia. Chile’s diverse landscapes involve: the Atacama Desert in the north - the driest desert on the earth; the Andes Mountain ranges to the West; the fertile wine growing region in the centre; plus the massive glaciers and ice caps in the South.

Most of the Chile hotels are predominately located in the capital city of Santiago, and also the beachside resorts of Valparaiso or Vina del Mar in which you’ll appreciate golden beaches, blue waters, sunshine, fantastic cuisine and entertainment, and also a number of availabilities for practicing water sports. Santiago hotels are situated in wonderful locations, permitting easy access to the sights and attractions in this vibrant city. Santiago is full of colonial architecture, churches, museums, lively markets, perfect restaurants and has a dynamic nightlife. It's sure that here you will find probably the most modern hotels in Chile. Take a day trip to the wineries in the Valle de Maipo or Valle de Aconcagua, or relax at the hot springs at Colina. You will have a lot to see plus a lot to learn about the Chilean culture. You'll find a number of outdoor activities which will take your attention, such as hiking in La Campana National Park, or throughout the summer month tee off for a round of golf or possibly you prefer winter when it is possible to head to the ski fields surrounding Santiago. Don’t miss to get excited by the marvelous views to the Andes Mountain which are revealing from Santiago.

An incredible idea could be to plan your vacation to coincide with one of the hundreds of festivals that take place throughout the year. The festivals usually celebrate religious ceremonies and feast days, including Loveparade in Santiago in January, Fiesta de Cuasimodo celebrated after Easter or Columbus Day in October.

Chile has really much to offer therefore you’ll find it hard to decide what to do. If you need relaxation you can visit the summer resorts with their amazing beaches, in case you prefer outdoor activities you have at your disposal exiting glaciers, volcanoes, deserts, fjords. When you need something modern be sure that Santiago is your destination. If need adventure go to the Easter Island or Robinson Crusoe.

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