National Finishing and Cookery Institute (NFCI) is both research-intensive and learner-centered where students across India master excellence in the field of food and hospitality. The culinary centre is an amalgamation of opportunities, connections and prominent placements.

NFCI Chandigarh has garnered the status of being the most reputed Hotel Management Institute of the city beautiful and is one the most sought resource centre for aspiring culinary enthusiasts. This learning centre offers a complete gamut of programs that cover all the key career options of the Hospitality Industry are it pertaining to the culinary world, Meet & Greet arena or even the all-important house-keeping.

The programs on offer in this spectacular Hotel Management Institute include short term hobby courses, certificate programs and also full length diploma courses. The practical hands-on teaching-learning is at its best with the well-equipped, state-of-the-art set-up of NFCI Chandigarh. The well-researched curriculum has been fortified with the National (NSDC) and International (AHLEI) Accreditation giving a value added edge for the passing out students and helps them bag the best career opportunities.

As this Hotel Management Institute is located in the capital city – Chandigarh, it attracts a lot of aspiring chefs from around the city and its suburbs as well. The student: teacher ratio is kept optimum to maximize the learning output. The on campus training’s and workshops conducted intermittently help the students to be abreast with the latest from the industry. All events hosted by the institute are student centered that ensure that the best hands in the hospitality industry make their enigmatic on-campus presence possible, thereby making each experience memorable and rich.

As this promising hotel management institute churns out quality professionals, it is imperative that they are prepared in more than their core proficiency. Therefore, imparting social and life skills in every program for a holistic professional training tenure is a must at NFCI Chandigarh.

Hotel Management Institute in Chandigarh
A Multi skill program which will allow you to learn all the 4 Specialist four departments in Hotel Industry i.e. Front office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverages Production & Food & Beverages Service. After doing this program, student has the power to choose any department as per choice. Very useful for student interested to start career in Hotel & related Industries.

Basics of all the core areas of hotels including Front office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverages Production & Food & Beverages Service.

Learning Outcome:

The education you receive at NFCI will empower you with the required skills, knowledge and way of developing vision. Your experience and stay with us will ensure that your entire career will be shaped and prepared to navigate successfully through economic, social and other uncertain changes that future will bring. Our cutting-edge, innovative curriculum offers a fine balance between academic rigor and practical application. It provides a broad coverage of multi-dimensional hospitality education.


Labs of Excellence:
Advanced labs and centers of excellence to give them the opportunity to work on real-life projects and cutting edge over others.

Experiential Training:
Classes are designed to engage students in hands-on experience that is linked to live case handling and situation.

Practical School:
Initiatives help students to undergo meaningful work experience over a period spent at NFCI.

Holistic Environment:
A conducive environment which helps in overall growth and development & nurtures excellence in every aspect.

Our institute is a full-service culinary arts and training centre which offers a spectrum of cookery courses. The advanced programs are also there to help them upgrade their cooking abilities. With the expert guidance from our prominent instructors, the students excel the practical skills. With top-notch culinary and finishing arts training, the NFCI students learn the knack to deliver style, excellent quality and a flavor of sophistication.

Our mission is to build up the best quality and international level of Hospitality education in India so that strongly our student’s get a chance to build their career worldwide. We wish to educate more and more numbers of students and put 100% efforts together to enhance the hospitality industry.

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