Installing your own spa or hot tub could mean years of warm water enjoyment, but only when proper care is taken to protect it. Your big investment in a hot tub or spa can be easily ensured with any one of a wide range of discount covers available. provides a wide assortment of high quality discount spa covers for your hot tubs that help conserve energy and help you save on your heating bills. Our commercial grade hot tub and spa covers have made us a leader in manufacturing leisure products and supplies across the U.S.A.


Hot tub covers help prevent heat loss. They also protect against mechanical problems, when dirt and debris fall into the spa and harm the filtration system. Our customized discount covers substantially reduce breakdowns and keep your hot tub or spa functioning properly.

Of course, a quality spa cover also offers excellent protection against drowning of young children and pets that may accidentally fall in. Our covers are fortified with a fiberglass panel for strength, allowing weight to be distributed on top of the spa cover without concern that it will cave in.

Manufactured using the highest quality double-stitched Marine Grade vinyl, these covers resist water. Our hot tub covers contain a breathable underside. Vapor heat sealed foam insulated covers keep the temperature in your hot tub from fluctuating, thus preventing heat from escaping your spa, thus preventing the need to constantly heat the water. Our technology simply reduces maintenance and energy costs.

Why choose our covers?

Our spa and hot tub covers come in variety of colors and sizes to fit any shape. They can be customized to fit even the most uniquely designed hot tubs, while offering protection from the elements, protection from high energy and repair costs, and protection against accidents.

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Penny Jaeger is a spa enthusiast who frequently writes articles on water products and relaxation. He believes that having a good physical appearance can have a big positive effect in life and discount hot tubs are meant for ultimate relaxation. He has been sharing his expertise in reviewing hot tub covers and other spa related products.