As a general rule, it is best to arrive early at a nightclub so you can check out the action. If you arrive late, sometimes most of the women will be taken up. Of course there are some nightclubs that do not get going until after midnight. Most women start coming in from 9-11 PM, as a general rule. The women who are shift workers start coming in after 11PM. ideally; the best time to arrive is around 9PM. This way you can see what comes through the door and size up your prospects for the night.

Don't worry about getting a table in the beginning because you are going to be on your feet making the rounds. However, if there is a female prospect sitting at the bar, by all means go and sit beside her and strike up a conversation.

When the action starts picking up, there’s going to be favorable places to be standing while approaching the women.

Some men like to stand around by the door and approach a woman as she comes in. This does not work too well because of the following reasons:

1. When they first walk in they want to go to the restroom. After all, when nature calls you tend to be in a hurry and don’t care to stop and talk to a stranger.

2. They want to go to the restroom to make sure that they look attractive.

3. They want to go to the restroom to take drugs.

4. They want to cruise around the nightclub to see if any of their friends are there.

5. They want to walk around to check out the available men.

6. They want to go straight to the bar first to buy a drink.

So you see, it's really not a good idea to stand around and approach them as they walk in. You can go ahead and try it but you will have a lot more success in other areas of the club which I am about to describe.

One of the best places to stand is by the dance floor, especially if you dance. It’s even better if the path to the women’s restroom goes right by the dance floor. There are women who purposely stand around the dance floor to get asked to dance. This makes it quite easy to ask them to dance or make contact from there. Also, some women like to get a table near the dance floor so they can be asked to dance. I consider the area around the dance floor the best place to make contact.

Another area that is excellent is around the entrance to the ladies restroom. Every woman will go the restroom at least once and many times if she's drinking a lot. It's usually not a good idea to approach them before

They go into the restroom because they are usually in a hurry to relieve them. There is a way around this though, by simply saying, “Can I talk to you when you come out of the restroom?" Normally it is better to approach them when they are coming out of the restroom.

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