Ganja, whose botanical name is Cannabis, has been utilized by humans for 1000s of years. Ganja was classified as an illegitimate by numerous nations in the twentieth century. However, over the past 2 decades, there has been a rising movement to legalize it, chiefly for medical purposes. Presently 15 states that permit the consumption of Ganja for medical purposes such as loss of appetite, nausea and pain relief by individuals suffering from cancer, AIDS and other debilitating ailments.

Here are some steps to grow Ganja on your own:

Get a prescription from a physician: All states require that sellers should sell Ganja seeds only to those patients who have a prescription from a certified physician.

Select Seed Weed as per the medical condition being addressed: The Sativa strain is a stimulant, more suitable for migraines, nausea, pain, appetite stimulation and commonly consumed by cancer and AIDS/HIV patients. The Indica strain is a relaxant that is utilized to relive the symptoms of muscle spasms, mobility issues, tremors, pain management and multiple sclerosis.

Germinate the Ganja Seeds: There are numerous ways of doing this. One method is to fill a glass up with warm water and put the seeds in it. Keep them in a dark area for around 3-7 days. Whenever you see a white root cropping up of the seed, it is the time to plant. The other method is to wet a paper towel and place the seeds in the paper towel, then fold it and store it in a dark area for about 3-7 days. Germinating the cannabis seeds augments your chances of having a plant sprout.

Plant the Ganja seeds in Starter Soil in a small pot: Seeds should be sprouted in unfertilized soil or starter soil due to the fact that fertilized soil might damage the young plant. Seeds possess their own supply of nutrients for the initial growth. Extremely lightly fertilized peat moss or pure peat moss can be utilized. Water the soil well and make a hole into the soil of around ½ and drop the seeds in the hole with root facing down. Cover the seeds well and keep the soil soggy until the baby plant emerges and starts to grow. Let the Ganja plant grow in this small pot for around 2 weeks. Provide the Ganja plant with 18-24 hours of light per day.

Prepare the fertilized soil in the larger pot: Take a five gallon pot and clean it well. A simple means involves 1st filling the bottom of the pot with pure peat moss to around an inch. This aids the sewage that the plant produces off, to drain out well. After this, fill the pot up till the top with fine potting soil. Organic soil blends must consist of 1 part worm castings, 1 part peat moss and 1 part pertile.

Transfer the young Ganja plant: Dig a hole in the big prepared gallon pot and diligently remove the young Ganja plant from the small pot. This includes inverting the young marijuana plant in its small pot while holding your hand over the top region of the soil and letting the young plant and soil fall on your hand. Now, gently put this plant in the hole of the large pot and fill the hole.

Harvest the plant: In approximately 4-8 months, your plant must be ready to harvest when majority of hair turns from white to red. Cut the mature Ganja plant at the main stem right over the soil and then hang the plant upside down on the clothes line for around 2 days. After two days, take the plant and place it in a brown paper bag to dry completely. After one month, you can cut off the bud from the stem and utilize it for medical purposes as prescribed by the physician.

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