Hot Dogs and Mustard
I know I would get people's attention. I'm not really writing about hot dogs and mustard, although it wouldn't be hard to write about. I wanted to write about building a business and maintaining your market through these tough times. I imagine the tips and information that you may read, you may have seen before. I am really writing this for the newbies. Those of you who have been around for awhile you can consider it a refresher.
These are the tips that will hold your business together:

1. Great Customer Service
2. A Great Product
3. Promotions
4. Sales
5. Advertising on certain weekdays
6. Free samples
7. Watching your competition
8. Coupons
9. Listening to your customers
10. Great Customer Service

There is a lot more that I can throw at you. I will probably have more tips on a later blog. Stay tuned. I stated great customer service because customers appreciate good service. Everyone knows if they are subjected to terrible service, you have lost that customer. The biggest negative is you will probably lose 100 or more customers. Only reason being is they will tell 100 of their friends about their negative experience. Always go above and beyond.
Building a business takes time and patience. It is not going to happen overnight. It may take a year or ten years to reach your goals. Take each year day by day and within ten years you can look back. Those ten years will come with a lot of growing pains. You can do it.
Build it with great customer service and they will come.