These days it seems that more and more people are taking on vegan or vegetarian diets, which, while it’s been great for the environment, it puts many people who enjoy hosting in precarious positions. We all have a fair idea of what vegans and vegetarians can eat, but how many of us know what are the delicacies of vegan or vege cuisine?

Here are some nutrient rich and absolutely delicious vegan and vegetarian friendly foods that may even convert you:

Eggplant / Aubergine

However you call it, this purple vegetable has the potential to replace meat in most dishes, and can often have a lot more flavor when seasoned correctly. Rich in Potassium, which is ideal for those who dislike bananas, it can be grilled, stewed, and even grated to make fritters. It can take some effort to prepare eggplant dishes like Moussaka or Babaganoush, but the payoff is a mind-blowing world of flavor that is also deeply satisfying.


Beyond the atypical Button and Portobello mushrooms, there is a whole world of mushrooms to be explored, each with its own flavors and textures. Oyster mushrooms have become widely recognized in recent years for their rich flavor, and they’re surprisingly easy to cook. Shiitake mushrooms also have a great flavor profile which is perfectly suited to stir fries. Remember to clean mushrooms carefully before cooking them to ensure the absolute best flavor.

Ancient Grains

A modern term, ancient grains are simply grains which have been eaten by cultures throughout the course of history. Incorporating these grains into dishes is dependent on which one’s you wish to use, although from experience most of them can go in a salad to add a different texture as well as nutty and earthy flavors. Popular because of their nutrient-rich nature, simply having one or two in your pantry can turn a regular salad into a vegan’s dream.


An absolute treat brought to the Western world by Japan, edamame beans are the first thing I order whenever I go into a Japanese restaurant, much to the delight of my whole family. Nowadays they’re even available in the frozen foods section with the other frozen beans, and can simply be microwaved to make a delicious snack in a few short minutes. Make sure to salt them correctly, and to check whether your guests have a soy allergy.

Frozen Foods

While most of us agree that fresh is best, we can find ourselves short on time to find or prepare some of these foods. Normally frozen food is thought to be nutrient-empty and somewhat disgusting, although with advances in IQF technology we’ve seen nutrients and flavors can remain. A personal favorite supplier of frozen foods is Dr Praegers, my kids love their Littles and my wife and I love their burger patties. Surprise your vegan friends with a good ol’ fashioned burger night set to their dietary requirements, be sure to enquire as to whether they can eat gluten or not before you buy the buns though!

Herbal and Green Tea

Offering someone a tea or a coffee after a meal is a part of many cultures throughout the world, although in the West it’s often with milk and sugar which isn’t ideal for vegans. Instead of trying to keep almond milk (or some other milk alternative) I recommend having a few different herbal teas, including green tea. Herbal teas can have a variety of effects from aiding digestion to promoting positive dreams. If you really want to impress people you could even buy loose leaf and get a proper tea pot to show you know what you’re doing.


A drink which gains its potency from a live culture, kombucha can seem incredibly intimidating to any picky eaters. On the other hand though, kombucha is rich with probiotics to help your microbiota thrive and aid in digestion in the long run. While kombucha is considered live, it’s not considered sentient enough for vegans to not drink it, so having a bottle of store-bought from the supermarket can be a treat for them. If your kids decide they like it you can make your own and learn with them about the process of making and looking after it, the most involved drink since ginger beer.


For dessert you can get creative with blueberries, making smoothies or something similar. Blueberries are rich in phytoflavinoids and antioxidants which can promote immunity and reduce stress, perfect for the post meal digestif.

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