Business scenario in today’s world

In today’s business world, there is a cut-throat competition among the business firms and every single organization toils to secure a stand in the corporate market. At this time, it becomes mandatory to understand the key factors which affect the growth of your company. This is the time to work smartly. There are two most important factors which affect the rate of growth of a business.

• The core business functionality which includes the quality of the product or service that the organization is providing.

• The level of customer satisfaction i.e. timely and effective response to customer queries.

The core business functions involve recruitment of a number of skilled personnel to handle the development of the product and to work to improve the existing product quality. For providing good customer services, a business firm needs to set up a seamless communication channel and set up massive infrastructure and also recruit skilled personnel for dealing with the technical issues that arise during the configuration of the system. Both these things involve huge capital investment but the capital resources are limited and need to be effectively utilized. At this point of time, the business firms enter into a dilemma. Since both are equally important and the resources available are limited in nature, hence this decision is very important. Choosing any one and neglecting the other might put you in debts. So, it is better to stay focused on both and work smartly so that you can fully utilize the available resources.

Technique of smart work

Since a company’s growth lies in its brand name and image, hence it is very essential to continuously strive to improve the quality of the product delivered to customers. So, working for the improvement in the product is the main goal of any business firm. However, the customer response should also not be neglected but there are techniques through which you can maintain a flawless communication channel for your business without much overhead. Setting up a good communication channel for your business communications involves huge expenditure. Hosted PBX system provides a solution to this problem.

Hosted PBX systems are third party systems in which the hardware required for communication is set up and maintained off-premise by the Hosted PBX provider and the entire system is can be configured ready-to-use. You just need to plug in the communication media and you are good to go. This system has the capability to integrate even with the traditional PSTN phones. This system is beneficial since it allows the user to gain all the benefits of the massive phone network that the large organizations enjoy at a price which is far less than what the large organizations invest.

Major advantages of Hosted PBX systems

Reduced cost and complexity: The capital and the operational costs are reduced to quite an extent and the IT hassles involved in the implementation of the maintenance of the system are dealt with by the service provider.

Scalability: Hosted PBX provides scalability in the sense that it allows the users to add or delete the extensions required and the users have the flexibility to change their requirements as per their business needs.

Advanced Calling Features: Virtual PBX offers multiple advanced calling features such as call return, call forwarding, hunt groups, Direct Inward Dialing, Interactive Voice Response, etc. which improve a company’s professional image.

Mobility: With Hosted PBX systems, you can attend business calls from wherever you are. A call meant for you can be transferred to your personal phone and you can continue with your business conversation from wherever you are.

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