Premise-based IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange) systems are changing how small through large businesses implement and use their voice communications. They are the contemporary heirs to the conventional PBX systems that were the eventual in business communications for the previous thirty years. But premise-based virtual PBX systems are economical and far more capable than their predecessors. They also put together much better into business networks and data communications which further enable new applications that are still being developed and implied to standard business practices.

Modern premise-based IP PBX systems figuratively deliver multinational enterprise capabilities to even small businesses, often at a much cheaper cost than the far more fundamental systems they are replacing. This Guide defines the premise-based IP PBX marketplace and tells you what to look for in a projected system. It also covers the relative rewards and disadvantages of a premise-based approach, and in particular, the rewards of integrating your systems so that they propose a much better overhaul than previous communications technologies your business might have engaged.

The latest accomplishments that are completely changing myths about limitations about Virtual PBX

• San Diego VoIP provider Computer Support of San Diego announced the liberation of the HiCap50 IP PBX. The innovative PBX connects up to 600 extensions with up to 100 simultaneous voice conversations.

The IP PBX solutions are a vital part of Computer Support’s innovative Blended Architecture, which uses a wonderful combination of on-premise and hosted “in the cloud” gears to deliver highly reliable, business-class call quality over standard Internet connections. Computer Support also provides customers with multiple alternative options in the event of a power or Internet calamity/shortage.

• EmblaCom has announced the launch of EmblaAgent as a cloud-hosted resolution. The commencement takes place in Europe and LAC, and develops on EmblaCom's widespread experience of mobile PBX services in Nordics. EmblaAgent is a computerized cloud-hosted mobile PBX resolution. The solution allows operators' business clients with a dependable outsourced service to grip all their incoming calls, on one united number. This strengthensthe foundation of their enterprise’s image while ensuring all calls are answered in a professional style.

• Cbeyond, Inc. is a foremost provider of IT and communications services to more than 61,000 small and medium sized businesses in the U.S.

• Cbeyond, a hosted services provider providing or implementing incorporated packages of IT infrastructure and communications services to small enterprises, including network services, virtual and dedicated servers and cloud PBX, it announced that it will participate in the 2012 Deutsche Bank Media & Telecom Conference.

To survive in today’s variable business environment, it is vital for a business to take up the latest inventions in communication technology. It kills the time required for replacing/upgrading your existing system, hence this solution will best suit any small or medium business in the best way.

As you will see, Hosted PBX Systems can be a big money saver while delivering the performance and feature rich platform of an enterprise class system at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the required IT expertise needed to manage and operate the system. The ease of installation and setup makes a system with Virtual PBX features ideal for businesses to consider when looking for a new phone system.

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