Hosted PBX system is the business telephony system for small and medium size business. Everyone is going crazy of this enhanced and advanced phone system. It is the telecommunication service that uses high speed internet connection to operate. That’s why you do not need out-dated land line to make and receive calls. You no longer need to pay huge expenses for phone bills. You can make long distance calls at the cost of local calls. It is the fully features telephony solution for budding enterprises. In short it can be termed as a multi-purpose business phone system.

Major Highlights of Hosted PBX systems:

Avoid missed calls with Find me-follow me
By availing find me, follow me service; a brilliant feature of hosted PBX the employees can move outside their offices and still receive official calls, thus saving hundreds of dollars and each move happens when the customer wants it. Moreover, with Remote employee integration feature you can route the calls to any employee in any part of the world.

Get rid of the functional technicalities
Hosted PBX providers eliminate the service faults without the customer's knowledge whereas traditional telephone system customers have to discover their own problems with the phone system and then initiate the repair process or make a service call.

Automatic call distribution to avoid accidents and natural calamities
Accidents do happen without prior notification. Ever-changing and harsh weather conditions may keep the employees away from their office. Any natural calamity such as the fire, an earthquake, a flood, a hurricane or an extended power outage can destroy a traditional telephone system set up and stop an office from processing the customer calls. But the hosted PBX providers program calls to re-route automatically if in case their equipment looses contact with their customer's phones. In any situation, the auto attendants, voicemail boxes and call forwarding, call routing, call transferring will still remain in action to process calls from the provider's Point of Presence (POP).

Get enhanced business phone system to make more benefits:
Communication plays an important role in every business firm. It is the lifeline of any business. Today for successful business, the effective communication is the major requirement. The small and medium size businesses must take into account the communication technology to support the business so as to transform it into large business. The business telephony system in the organization must be well equipped with the latest features to fulfill the needs in an affordable way. Hosted PBX system is that technology that provides you anything and everything for enhanced and smooth communication process in small and medium corporate. It enhances the productivity by providing better experience and economical and high quality business phone system at the workplace. It will definitely set you apart from the competition in business world. The SMB’s can incorporate PBX telephone system even without a large investing.

A list of key features is as follows:

• Auto Attendant
• Call Routing
• Multiple extensions
• Simultaneous Calls
• Dial by Name
• Find-me/Follow-me
• Voicemail to Email
• Fax to Email
• Text Message Notification
• Music on Hold/Transfer
• Call Accept/Reject
• Caller ID
• Minimal investment
• Greater versatility
• Easy management
• Quick and easy tracking and reporting
• No maintenance required
• Saves time and money
• No software or hardware to buy
• Great customer service

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