The hiccups faced in communications in the early days had made it very difficult to maintain a proper level of integration among the various business departments and offices. The business channel lacked due to the inconsistencies that were existing due to the unsynchronized way of communication and business updates. With the advancement in the field of technology and the use of packet-switched telephony that could interoperate with internet, the PSTN systems started becoming obsolete.
Hosted PBX systems will always have an upper hand over the traditional PSTN systems since they offer liberty to business firms to run their business as per their requirements with an immense level of integration at an affordable price. This has proved to be an advantage mainly for small business firms that could not afford the on-premise massive business phone systems to support their business conversations.

Business integration: A global presence in today’s business world has become mandatory for every business firm in order to spread their business geographically. For this purpose, it has become essential to maintain a channel that could provide seamless integration of business offices spread geographically apart. Business Hosted PBX streamlines all business operations by facilitating a smooth flow of communication within and outside the business firm.

Mobility: One of the many benefits of Hosted PBX services is the level of mobility that a business firms avails. Wherever you are, you can abide by the regulations of availability due to the liberty of communication access from any corner of the world, round the clock. So, even if you are a one person company, you can take your business with you wherever you want to thereby putting an end to the worries of missing business calls when not in office.

Scalability: This is a very essential factor for business firms since it allows organizations to scale their system as per their business needs. If you have a small requirement, you will have to buy a complete set which might lead to under-utilization of resources. Moreover, it is essential so as to help small businesses deploy their resources efficiently so that they can achieve a better utilization of the limited resources and meet their business objectives efficiently.

Cost-effectiveness: Hosted PBX is a low-cost alternative to the expensive phone systems that enrich business communication channels. This system is a third-party service that offers the desired communication facilities in order to introduce a feeling of an exquisite phone system that tends to deliver a better professional image for your business. Hosted PBX VOIP also reduces the call costs involved especially in international calls.

Never miss a call: The wide variety of options that offers prevents the loss of any business call thereby preventing any business opportunity. Options like call hunt; call transfer, call forwarding, call parking, simultaneous ringing, etc. help business firms to increase the chances of a business call being attended and thus, try to catch a business opportunity.

Hosted PBX has thus changed the face of business communications today. The traditional systems have become obsolete and the new ones are dominating the market for business firms of all sizes and areas. The level of advancement in the field of flexibility, mobility and reliability has made it easy to transmit information with minimum investment of time, money and effort. Thus this new phone system has invaded the PSTN territory and has emerged successful. This is the reason why today’s business phone systems are being widely adopted by business firms all over the world.

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