In today’s competitive world, missing out even one business call can prove to be a loss. The main objective of any business firm is to provide customer satisfaction, not only by providing them with quality product, but also by providing a good response to their queries and by dealing with customer’s problems as their own. Usually, the customers are dissatisfied with the services when they do not get quick response. Hosted PBX provides a solution to this problem by reducing the response time and providing better management of all customer calls. Now, the organizations don’t have to worry about missing out any call since such possibilities can be greatly reduced.

Hosted PBX offers a complete package that provides an integrated solution to an enterprise to carry out their business processes smoothly. Using PBX over cloud proves to be an economical solution since the server setup is to be maintained by the third party. This reduces the cost of the equipment as well as the personnel required to maintain it. Moreover, it provides scalability which prevents under-utilization of resources. People just have to pay for the services and enjoy the services seamlessly from anywhere. Apart from the cost factor, the services provided are much more advanced as compared to those provided by the traditional PBX.

The advantages that hosted PBX offers, in addition to reduced costs, which help the organizations to deal with their customers effectively are as follows:

• Call Return: The user can continue to answer an important call and can return a missed call later.In case a client is busy when a call is returned,he will be called continuously till he is free,for a specified period of time.
• Call Hunting: The user can decide the numbers where the call has to ring, according to priority and also the number of rings on each number, before ringing on the next number.
• Call Parking: In case a call is meant for you and you are not on your desk,the call can be transferred to your cellphone and you can continue with the conversation from your cellphone.
• Call Transfer:Wherever you are, at home or in office, calls meant for you can be transferred on your cellphones,landlines or voicemails so that you can answer them from anywhere.
• Call Queue Management: Call queues can be maintained for the clients holding a call for their respective departments and then, they can be answered whenever the person is available.
• Call Pickup: Calls to different desks can be answered on any desk which saves unnecessary movements on the floor.
• Interactive Voice Response: The client is directed through a menu from which he can select the service that he wants to avail.
• Do Not Disturb: This mode, if activated, will allow users to send their messages to voicemail and the user can reply to them whenever he is available.

These are some of the features of virtual PBX, though there are many more.

For any organization, Customer is the King and he should be satisfied at any cost. Through these features, the users can provide better services to their customers by answering to their calls anytime, anywhere. So, with you, your business goes mobile and priority can be given to the customer demands. Thus, using Hosted PBX service is definitely a boon as it helps organizations to focus on their core processes and progress without losing any business opportunity.

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