Hobbies are an excellent alternative to the TV, computer and smart phone. However, not every hobby can be safely and independently done by kids. Below explains five hobbies that need special attention.

Contact Sports
Football, basketball and baseball are referred to as the ‘Big Three’ dangerous sports for kids. While hockey is much more dangerous than all three, fewer kids play it. Football is the most common unsafe sport for kids. In fact, football players are at high risk for developing brain problems, due to chronic hits to the head. Basketball and baseball can also result in strains and sprains.

For many people, the idea of attempting difficult, high-speed moves on a hard surface with a skateboard is not very smart. However, many kids and teens love skateboarding. Wrist, hand, arm and even leg fractures commonly occur during falls. Even worse, studies have shown that skateboarding is one of the riskiest hobbies that can result in serious head injuries.

Almost every male teen wants a motorcycle because it’s fun, cool and raises their social status. However, motorcycles are very dangerous because they are less stable and do not provide protection to the rider in the event of an accident. Experts estimate that motorcycle riders are 26 more times likely to die over car drivers. Learn more about why motorcycles are dangerous from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration here.

Martial Arts
While martial arts teaches self-confidence and self-discipline, there are inherent risks. As kids get older, they will most likely learn more advanced techniques and engage in sparring. Sparring is an essential part of learning and applying martial arts moves. Keep in mind that most belt advancements require a sparring test. In addition to this, teens may move into learning weapons. Always make sure that your kids understand the consequences of roughhousing with martial arts.

Skiing and Snowboarding
Snow sports offer many benefits for the whole family. Skiing and snowboarding are great exercise activities that takes place in clean and beautiful natural surroundings. Regardless of where you ski, there are always different options available that will satisfy everyone. However, both skiing and snowboarding involve inherent risks with injuries to the arms, legs and especially the knees. In addition to this, hypothermia and frostbite are constant concerns. With this requires a lot of clothing and equipment. When traveling, it may be wise to see if some resorts offer ski rental delivery from places like Ski Butlers.

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