With its seemingly countless array of dramatic landscapes, Argentina would be the perfect area for spectacular riding. The country stretches from the gorgeous Iguazu Falls in the north to the ranching country of the wide-open Pampas, and finally to the southernmost edge in the earth: Patagonia.

It’s an excellent idea to combine your vacation in some of the hotels in Argentina with a horse riding.

Horseback riding is an incredible introduction to the gaucho culture, which, unlike that of the American cowboy, is still thriving. Various horseback riding expeditions use estancias, or guest ranches, as a launching point for excursions. Here you could possibly experience Argentine ranch life at its most authentic, since most estancias assist you to witness and even frequently participate in daily activities. By visiting an estancia you've access to some of the perfect riding locations in Argentina that are usually in the remote valleys and vast pampas that teem with wildlife.

Major Regions for Horseback Riding

Horseback riding estancias are situated in numerous places in Argentina. Essentially the most accessible are only an hour or two from Buenos Aires, in the area often known as The Pampas. Most other regions for instance Mendoza, Salta and Cordoba have estancias that offer attractive riding excursions to their visitors. Nearby you can find almost certainly the coziest hotels in Argentina, so you can delight in your horseback riding as much as you can.


Patagonia is additionally a great area for horseback riding, particularly in the foothills of the spectacular Andes, surrounded by snow-covered peaks and crystalline rivers. A special highlight is riding in gorgeous areas such as in El Chalten - the hiking paradise - or in Chile's excellent Torres del Paine National Park.

Atacameno Route

In case you certainly need a gaucho experience you're going to remember for a lifetime, you can ride part of the old route of the Atacameno gauchos, once over 620 miles (1000 kms) long, which runs along the Atacama Cordillera. Ride along with some ranch hands and catch a glimpse from the stunning mountains and rolling hills. Whether in the mountains of Patagonia or the foothills of the Andes, the horse lover may have an unforgettable experience with this land of rare all-natural wonders. At the nearby towns you can find amazing accommodation in Argentina.

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