Horses have been the faithful companions of humans ever since documented history. At a time where no roads and vehicles were available, horses were our travel companions. They helped us go the distance faster and more conveniently. Today, there are many horse lovers that take care of horse for pets and breed them. While horses can thrive in a variety of climates, they will need special care during the winter season to help keep them healthy. Or else, you’ll need a horse trailer loan to buy a trailer for your horse and travel to a warmer area.
During winter, feeding programs should be adjusted. Winter is very harmful to vegetation and when winter comes the quality of pasture that horses can thrive from significantly declines. Aside from the quality of pasture, accessibility to it also becomes harder during winter time. To adjust your horse’s feeding program, you can consider the use of more hay and concentrates. There are also mineral supplements that are specifically designed for horses. You can add these to their diet. You should always make it a point as well to continually deworming your horses throughout the winter months to ensure they’ll be in top shape.
Be sure to also have their teeth checked by an equine dentist before winter. If a horse is unable to grind its food properly, it may not get all the nutrients and energy that it needs. This may be fatal during winter when there’s an increase need in energy intake.
As with everyone else, you need to help your horses keep warm during winter. For horses that are kept outdoors, they will require more fodder. During their digestion process, horses produce substantial body heat. So just as long as you give them a generous supply of hay, it should keep their internal furnace stoked and they’ll be just fine.
Your horses’ shelter is very important during winter. The right stable and insulation can help eliminate the need for horse trailer loans. Even if your horses are stabled overnight, windbreakers can help especially if you’ll be out most of the time. During windy or frigid weather, you can consider blanketing your horses too. Like a wet down jacket, a horse’s wet coat loses its loft so it won’t hold body heat.
Your horses’ hooves should also be regularly maintained during winter. Keep them clipped and don’t let them get overgrown. Properly clipped hooves will have less chipping and it will provide more grip on slippery ground because it holds less snow.
If you find there’s a need to transfer the location of your horses, then is the time that you can take advantage of a loan for horse trailers. This may be something urgent so you can go to a bad credit loan specialist for faster approval with lesser requirements. You can get competitive rates that can help you pay easier on the terms of your choosing.
Remember, the proper care of your horses during winter time is very important so nothing must be left to chance. Horses can serve you for many years with the right care, diet and exercise.

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