Horney Goat Weed is the generic name for the Epimedium herb. In China it is called Ying Yang Huo. The common ancient tale of how the generic name was born is from a story about a Goat Herder who discovered an increase in sexual activity amongst his herb after the goats would graze upon a certain leafy plant. The fable can be neither proven nor denied, but it does make for an amusing story.

Horney Goat Weed grows naturally along hillsides and is primarily found in the Asia continent. In China it has been medically prescribed for decades to patients (both men and women) who have or have developed symptoms of low libido. The herb contains a flavonal called icariin, which is the herbal equivalent of Sildenafil Citrate, otherwise known as Viagra. The two are identical. The only difference is that Viagra is a prescription chemical drug and Horney Goat Weed is an all natural herb. The United States patent office and appeals committee have denied Viagra its patent renewal for this very reason.

It is only recently that Western culture has begun to study the Horney Goat Weed herb with scientific specificity, and has discovered the undeniable truth that the herb is in fact a natural aphrodisiac. Horney Goat Weed stimulates the body’s androgen or sexual hormones, relaxes muscle tension, mimics testosterone and expands genital blood vessels. It is commonly used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in males. Although claims have been made of it ability to cure male erectile dysfunction, it has not been proven.

In China the herb is used for health benefiting reasons over and beyond that of its natural aphrodisiac enhancements. It is also common place with the Chinese to blend it among other herbs for various treatments. Western society has yet to study it beyond the parameters of male and female increase libido and male erectile dysfunction. Western studies on this herb are continuous. To date all studies agree that the human health effects are positive and that no discovery of negative side effects can be found.

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