Hope Now Orphan Sponsorship addresses the physical and emotional needs of children in two ways. First, our child sponsorship program provides a channel for people from around the world to be actively and personally involved in the physical and emotional lives and welfare of individual children in Ukraine. Second, Hope Now Ministries donor program provides a means to serve larger-scale general needs of orphans and orphanages and to assist Shpola Orphanage in its mission.

Hope Now Ministries is a USA based Christian charity is not a program to which sponsors donate funds only. Rather, the sponsors are themselves the program, and Shpola Orphanage acts as a volunteer on-site relationship between them and their sponsored children.

In this relationship function, Hope Now Ministries maintains an intensive communicative link between sponsors and children and utilizes the sponsor’s funds directly and exclusively towards the welfare of the sponsored child.

Hope Now Ministries depend on separate donors for program administration, so that the sponsor's funds and attention can be dedicated solely to the needs of the child.

The responsibility of sponsors is two-fold. Sponsors communicate with their child in the form of email, postal letters, photos, gifts, creative works, and whatever else the child and their sponsor wish to share.

Also, sponsors provide funds for their child’s physical needs. Most importantly, the children view their sponsor as someone who cares about them personally and individually, -a critical component that is lacking in the lives of orphans.

For more information on Hope Now Ministries child sponsorship, please see the Child Sponsorship page.

All sponsorship funds are directed exclusively towards the needs of the children we serve. We believe that the ability of Hope Now Ministries sponsors to focus their funds and attention solely on their child provides a level of intimacy in the relationship that would not otherwise be attainable.

This provides a great challenge administratively, and we are dependent on separate donations to make it work, as well as to expand our efforts further.

In addition to assisting Hope Now Ministries in its mission, donations allow us to help orphans and orphanages in capacities that individual child-sponsors cannot. Donations allow us to serve orphanage-wide needs, hire doctors, psychologists, and provide better facilities for all of the children collectively.

Just as Hope Now Ministries serves as a relationship between sponsors and children, we also serve as such between donors and their preferred targets for their funding. As the needs are diverse, donors have an opportunity to be specific and even creative in how they wish their funds to be utilized. For more information on donor options, please see the Make a Donation.

To date, Hope Now Orphan Sponsorship has visibly and significantly improved the lives of many orphaned children and youth in Ukraine. It has also proven to be a rewarding activity for sponsors, who enjoy a unique opportunity to be actively and very personally involved in the lives of these children, and for donors, who make it all happen.

As Hope Now Ministries Orphan Sponsorship has grown, it has benefited the children in more ways than are outlined above. For example, taking each child shopping for the items they need is itself an education; -a life skill that they have had little opportunity to learn.

Involving the children in extra-curricular activities and community programs have helped erase the stigma that exists towards orphans. These and many other goals are achieved solely through the compassionate involvement of Hope Now sponsors and donors in the lives of these children.

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Hope Now’s Orphan Sponsorship Program focuses on providing comprehensive, individualized care for each child, from nutrition to health/hygiene, to counseling while exposing them to the Gospel.