It’s so easy to ignore the roses and see only the thorns ! An unknown sage said it beautifully, “you can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses” We seem to be built in such a way that the thorns get our attention, while the roses remain in the background. In today’s world our attention is captured by the headlines that scream “crisis, catastrophe, the end” while next door in your community, there are some who are experiencing love and kindness, courage and hope. Can we structure our lives, control our thoughts so that our personal world becomes one of peace and happiness ?
If you are looking for a New Day in your life . . . if you are dreaming of a more fulfilled life with Happiness and Peace of Mind . . . . if you would like to change your paradigm and create a new World View, there is hope for you, and a path that can take you to your dreams.
The new science of heart power has produced a whole new paradigm regarding the achievement of our dreams. Scientists tell us that the heart vibrations and electrical impulses our hearts produce far exceed the output of our brain. They have discovered that heart vibrations are actually 5000 times stronger than vibrations of the brain. So there is a reason why the heart has always been associated with love, and indeed all the emotions. It is the seat of emotions and has a distinct effect on our feelings and energy levels and potential for success.
Traditionally, the prescription for success has been to think positively. In some instances that has been enough, and in many cases has made a remarkable difference in peoples lives. But this was before we discovered that we have a far more powerful tool than our brains and our thoughts to program our subconscious.
The heart and the brain work together as a team to program the subconscious mind. The most powerful and effective messages to the subconscious come from our hearts in the form of our emotions. The Subconscious Mind is an amazing machine. It can make all your dreams a reality, but you must first understand how to program it for results.
The research and discoveries of the Institute of Heart Math has been stunning. One of the primary researchers in this field is Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Director of Research at The Institute of HeartMath, located in Boulder Creek, California. He is a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, holds memberships with the International Neurocardiology Network, the American Autonomic Society, the Pavlovian Society, and the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, and is an adjunct professor at Claremont Graduate University.
McCraty says the heart and cardiovascular system are sending far more signals to the brain than the brain is sending to the heart. He found compelling evidence to suggest that the heart’s energy field is coupled to a field of information that is not bound by the classical limits of time and space.
The new discoveries tell us that the Subconscious Mind responds more consistently to emotion than positive thoughts. Subsequently, to program for Success we need to clothe our positive thoughts of Hope, Success and Achievement in the garment of heart-felt emotion. We need to feel the desire and wish in our heart area and summon the heart vibrations that go with them. The feeling becomes far more important than the thought. The new paradigm is all about feelings and emotion.
This research explains how the heart responds to emotional and mental reactions and why certain emotions stress the body and drain our energy. As we experience feelings like anger, frustration, anxiety and insecurity, our heart-rhythm patterns become more erratic. These erratic patterns are sent to the emotional centers in the brain, which recognizes them as negative, or stressful feelings. They build stress, worry and fear in our minds and make us unhappy.
Conversely, HeartMath’s research shows, when we experience heartfelt emotions such as appreciation, love, care and compassion, the heart produces a very different rhythm – one that has a smooth pattern and looks something like gently rolling hills. Scientists consider harmonious, or smooth heart rhythms, which are indicative of positive emotions, to be indicators of cardiovascular efficiency and nervous-system balance. This balance results in feelings of happiness, courage and community. Our World View is one of companionship, respect and Hope.
Success, Happiness and Peace of Mind comes as we focus our heart energy in the form of Gratitude, Love and Faith in a message to our Subconscious Mind.

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