As this pandemic sweeps the world, and more people are devoid of hope and genuine happiness, art comes through as our salvation. The rules of existence are changing, and artists, especially interior designers, are coming forward to share their hopeful vision with the world. Andrew Franz, the renowned interior architect, has taken some time off to impart useful lessons to design enthusiasts, especially those pursuing a Bachelor in Interior Design. This collective social pause, as per Franz, is an opportunity for growth and solidarity. He gives the following advice:

Differentiate Spaces with Physical Dividers

This is especially applicable for smaller houses and apartments, as there is a lack of designated spaces for certain activities. We often have to take our office work into our living spaces, as we are hunched over our laptops on the bed or the sofa, wherein distractions abound. Dividing spaces with physical barriers is a solution posited by Franz, wherein this can help create flexible zones in which people can work amid a quiet environment. Physical dividers can be as simple as bedsheets or curtains and don’t have to be complex or elaborate.

Use Natural Light To Your Best Advantage

Stalwarts hailing from the best interior designing colleges in India understand the importance of natural light in enhancing the beauty of an interior. So does Franz, who is a passionate advocate of natural sunlight, which is a reservoir of spiritual and creative energy. As per him, natural light has been scientifically proven to boost depressive moods along with productivity, which can be used to your advantage. Even if you have one window in your room, don’t cover it - rather allow the natural light to spill inside the room.

Enliven Your Space with Plants and Saplings

Franz stresses the importance of incorporating nature within our living spaces in one form or the other. You can have a small plant near the windowsill, or open a window facing green foliage or a garden, and plant small saplings inside your home. Even if you have a tiny balcony, don’t take it for granted - says Franz, who emphasizes on the importance of fresh air for emotional rejuvenation. Most people are not fortunate enough to have access to a roof or garden, hence, the best option is to enliven your living space with little green friends.

Apart from incorporating these methods, make sure to stay connected with the world. Do keep in touch with people via virtual webinars, video calls, and other means of social connection. Most importantly, don’t forget to utilize your living space to channelize your inner peace - choose a relatively zen corner of your home and meditate. You can also practice yoga and create your own artistic enclave for letting out creative energy.
These tough times call for hope and perseverance - the least we can do is try and assert our desires within the comfort of our homes and connect to our roots in a way that is meaningful to us. After all, to belong is to be loved.

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