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To ensure that every activity accomplishes just in the right way, effective leadership is very much required. This is why the modern school curriculum stresses on honing and nurturing the leadership qualities of the students from the very tender age. The mentors play a pivotal role in motivating and shaping the qualities based on different environments. Besides focusing on teaching, the teachers at the schools involve the students in communication and participating in various social endeavours.

The different schools aim at improving the achievement records of its students through a well-channelled leadership program. It is, therefore, where the difference lies. The various programs focus on sharpening the responsibilities and initiatives irrespective of the capacity. The management is ensuring that the appropriate steps are taken to prepare and support school leaders at each level.

Experts believe that there is a close link between transforming the school curriculum and the leaders. A proper practice equipped with proper guidance helps in transforming the leadership skills of the students. The following are some of the aspects or elements that help in whetting the skills of school leadership—

1.Nurturing the Modules

The inclusion of the leadership program has been a part of the school curriculum. It is; therefore, the management of the various schools stress on improving the content of the course. The programs aimed at school leadership in Sunshine Coast, make constant transformation and improvement in increasing the effectiveness of the programs.

The modification is based on the real-life circumstances and the happenings. These tailor-made modules ascertain that they include all the evidence based on thorough research.

2.Improving the Instruction

The courses strongly focus on enhancing the exchange of instruction. The experts analyse the needs of the situation, gather feedback and suggestion; stressing on teaching practices and proceeding for a well organised professional development.

3.Including all the Possibilities

All the elements that are responsible for improving the leadership trait of a child are taken well care of. The mentors make sure that they include all the practical aspects and field experiences. The person-in-charge makes sure that improvement is made with the implications of the main strategies.

By including all the possible aspects in the leadership program in Gold Coast assists the trainees to have introspection on the different elements of the training that have been imparted. It also helps in including some of the essential and innovative ideas being shared during the training session.

4.Linking to Overall Sector of Reformation

Preparing the right and well-directed action plan to address the different issue points- weaknesses and strength- are some of the significant aspects of a good leadership program. It is seen as a positive effort towards professional development in leadership ground.

The design of this course is aimed at covering the different sectors of the social process. Also, making efforts towards problem-based learning exposes the trainee to learn the various practical issues that can come during the real-time practice.


The management of the school is working hard on making a balance between the leadership practices and improvement work. It is trying all the possible effort to bridge the gap between the different aspects of the leadership practices before rolling out the courses.

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The author.... is a reputed mentor at one of the leading schools in the city of Gold Coast that aims at implementing the elements of student leadership program in the most effective way.