Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab announces that now one-stop honey and bee products testing solutions are readily available for beekeepers, honey product manufacturers and marketers.

Honey is among many peoples’ favorites. The manufacturing of honey products should adhere to strict food regulations to ensure its safety and authenticity before going into the market.

“Nowadays people are pursuing healthy food, which contributes to the growing demand for honey and bee products. But in the case of imperfect regulatory mechanisms, adulterated and fake honey are flooding the consumer market. However, according to statistics, honey is very likely to have the highest risk of food fraud. Moreover, honey products can have risk of harmful antibiotics, which is not allowed in food production by regulations. This is because the antibiotics used to treat bees can result in residues in bee products,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab. “We know that residues of antibiotics could potentially cause increased drug resistance and allergic reaction in humans when taken into the body. Therefore, honey testing is very necessary for beekeepers, honey product manufacturers and marketers, and even consumers.”

The testing capability range of Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab include but are not limited to: Allergens, Authenticity, Antibiotic / Pesticides Residues, Genetically Modified Organisms, Microorganism, Nutrients, Stability & Shelf Life.

All of the laboratory testings are performed in accordance with FDA, USDA, ISO guidelines. Scientists also keep a close eye on the latest testing criteria changes. “We welcome clients to discuss their difficulties encountered in honey product testing. Our scientists are very familiar with the industry standards.” Added the Marketing Chief.

Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab is a perfect choice to solve honey testing needs. For more information, please visit

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