"Let food be thy medicine" Hippocrates implored a couple of thousand years. If we take the father of medicine advice and combine that with Mother Nature product, we should not continue to look for great food / medicine or honey.

Honey is not only great tasting food or eat it by itself, toast, or added other foods or beverages as a sweetener, but it is also germ-free product that can be used externally to treat cuts and burns the skin. He said it promotes healing and help prevent scarring. Honey also acts as a disinfectant in treating irritated mucous membranes purposes as a cough or sore throat occurred.

As the bees work habits are legendary (as busy as ___ "), let's look at what our productive little friends look like they are doing it, and how it relates to our health and well-being. Travel from their hive worker bees, so periodic and frequent stops to flowering plants, usually within just a mile or so radius from your home. They get nectar from flowers and pass it to your "honey stomachs", where it is partially digested, taken back to the hive, and regurgitated to be considered with honeycombs.

This is where the homeopathic viability of locally produced honey comes into play seasonal allergy treatment. Since honey is pollen from nearby plants (the same as is in the air and driven to tears and tissues pollen), eating honey ingestion of a small amount of irritating pollen. It helps your system to create resistance to the same pollen that causes your body so much discomfort. It's all for the homeopathic principle, in any case, the materials in small quantities to large quantities of produce symptoms that are similar to the underlying disease to cure disease.

So, how much honey you drink to get any homeopathic benefits? Most proponents of this approach recommends at least 2 3 teaspoons a day. They also suggest that you start taking honey, a few months before the active pollen season starts in your area.

Several key points should be considered on honey, you decide to eat. It should be green (skins), unrefined, 100% pure unfiltered honey has been collected over a more than 50-mile radius of your home, the reason is, of course, the Guardian of honey were collected from the same plant causes you the most problems.

One good source of local honey is usually at your local farmers market. Light-colored product you find on the shelves in major grocery store chains may be delicious, but who knows how far away it was made or how it was processed?

This seasonal allergy treatment method may or may not be useful to you, but at least try it, you will use a delicious natural foods that are loaded with good things, such as vitamin C, antioxidants, vitamin B-6, niacin, and many other vitamins and minerals. Honey is also a low-calorie food and a healthy substitute for sugar in your diet.

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