Honesty is not something we flirt with. We must be married to it”

As we go about our daily lives, tending to jobs, families and obligations of one sort or another, how many of us stop to examine the path we’re on and whether or not it is truly the one we want to take, or are even meant to take right now?

Are we Living Miraculously? Or “are we living from Inspiration, Obligation, or Desperation?”

Have we invested so much of our time, energy, money and even belief in a particular way of life that the thought of “walking away” is unfathomable or worse yet, not even on our radar screen?

There are many of us who are consciously pursuing a spiritual career path. (Although, in my opinion whatever you’re doing…conscious or not… is miraculously, a spiritual path).

But, “what if”…. at this particular time…. you’re not meant to work at being a massage therapist, or a Reiki healer or a Hypnotherapist or Life coach or herbalist? What if you’re meant to be in a more business or corporate environment, sharing your gifts in a way that is not as obvious?

There are some openly spiritual people who are in what seems to be the most “un-spiritual” professions, yet they know their presence can miraculously bring light to the darkened areas of their workplace.

Reversely, maybe you’re not meant to be a financial advisor, lawyer, physician, accountant or any number of “on the grid” professions.

The point is... maybe we’ve outgrown the path we’re on, whether that involves career, relationships, marriage or even friendships. And sometimes we’re so entrenched in a way of living that we lose all perspective and hence ourselves. I’m not judging, just saying.

Consider the following questions to determine how you are feeling about your life in this moment.

What areas of your life are you truly excited about?

What areas of your life seem like a struggle?

If you could do ANYTHING…. what would that look like? Mountain climb? Peace corps? Travel Agent? Nurse? Circus clown? Doll Maker? Clue: what did you aspire to as a child?

Would you live alone, with one other person or a group of people?

Hopefully, these questions will incite some “out of the box thinking” for you.

“You will never find yourself until you face the truth” - Pearl Bailey

Author's Bio: 

Michele Landers is a Certified Life Purpose Coach and Hypnotherapist. She is a dynamic and gifted lecturer, teacher, author and consultant on the subjects of personal empowerment, the law of attraction and numerology. She is a much sought after radio, media personality and speaker who has helped thousands of clients internationally to gain clarity and direction in their lives and to discover their own unique talents. Learn more at www.michelelanders.com.