In previous years the influx of modern heating systems and compact radiators saw the traditional cast iron radiators becoming less popular. However the timeless elegance and attractive finish offered by this type of radiator are once again coming back into fashion.

Many people are choosing cast iron radiators to compliment period style furnishings and also to add a touch of class to their more modern designs.

Energy Efficiency

Many people will be surprised to learn that cast iron radiators can provide a very cost effective heating solution. In fact cast iron radiators can use much less energy than many modern heating systems. This is mainly because cast iron radiators have a dense mass that is able to retain a large amount of heat. This means that more heat output is generated allowing a single radiator to heat a room quickly and efficiently. Cast iron radiators can be connected quite easily to a modern heating system and are useful for heating larger rooms.


Cast iron radiators traditionally have a very rugged and durable design. They can be prone to leaking so it is important that each radiator is fully tested before installing it into the home. There are several different styles available on the market. The Victoriana-style options are among the most popular as they offer that traditional elegance much sought after by those with period properties. Here are just a few of the other design options:

- Royal – this rather opulent style cast iron radiator offers additional scroll work. This suits a bold room design where the emphasis is on luxury.

- Viscount – the closed column design of this style offers period charm in a cost effective package.

- Bohemian – this unconventional style offers designers that unique touch when creating stylish and original rooms. You can combine unconventionality with heat efficiency with this attractive Bohemian design.

- Art Deco – bold craftsmanship and sleek lines are the hallmarks of any Art Deco piece. Cast iron radiators of the Art Deco style are no exception and offer early 20th century period authenticity and a timeless sophistication.

Choosing Cast Iron Radiators

If you are redesigning your home then you should consider cast iron radiators. This can be an effective and attractive solution to your home heating system. There are a wide range of quality cast iron radiators to choose from including reclaimed and reproduction designs.

If you are consider cast iron radiators then there are two main types available:

- Steam Radiators – as you can tell from the name these radiators are heated by steam. The steam is generated by the boiler and then runs through the connecting pipes to each individual radiator. The steam will then warm up the cast iron and transfer heat into the room.

- Hot Water – this is the most common type of modern heating system available. Hot water is supplied from the boiler and carried by pipe work to the cast iron radiators. The hot water will then run through the radiator heating the cast iron. The cool water is then taken back to the boiler where it can be heated and used again.

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Cast iron radiators can offer cost effective and efficient heating sources for your home. In addition to this they are available in a number of attractive designs that can bring an unmistakable elegance to your rooms.