When it comes to homeowners insurance in America you have to talk of companies like AIG insurance company, MetLife, Chub, Alliance insurance company and the list continues in that order. It is very advantageous to acquire homeowners insurance from these companies because each of these companies offers a good variety of home plans such as homeowners, mortgage and renters insurance.
More to that these big companies are well known because they also offer best home policies to people as per their needs. Another good thing about these companies is that they provide insurance to house against natural or constructed calamities. They also offer coverage against damage caused to house due to fire, hail, flood, riots and building collapse.
For those who wish to acquire coverage from these companies can approach the local insurance agents in their area. Another best option for those wishing to buy insurance here is to go online and check on home insurance quotes offer by these companies. Study the premiums, length of coverage, and sum of coverage provided by different companies and then, buy home insurance as per the requirement.

The policies offered by the biggest companies are described below:
1) Chubb home Insurance provides most insurance that is particularly beneficial to average type of homes. As concerns those who are going in for houses with distinctive features such as condominiums, vacation homes, and plot houses then, they can go for full coverage insurance policy, which covers the insurance of interiors of that house.
To go ahead Chub home policies offer policyholders that has much greater level of protection to restore their homes in case of misfortune. To obtain more information about the policies, people can visit the company's branch office or call up a local agent.
MetLife: In the US this is one of the best home insurance companies. It is consider as one of the best because the homeowner policy that they offer does not contain any hidden cost. They have a smart plan that provides protection to policyholder’s house from every possible risk such as smoke, theft, lightening or fire.
When it comes to court cases superior plans even defends it. This happens only when a person sues the individual’s home. For those who are in position of properties that includes houses, car, or boat, can opt for grand protection plan. On the other hand those who own condominium can select condominium plans.
AIG: This home insurance policy takes care of the policyholder's house from all types of damages or accidents. The main policies offered by AIG include Homeowners insurance, Mortgage insurance, Liability Insurance, Indemnity Insurance and Flood Insurance.
Most common type of home insurance offered by AIG is homeowners insurance, wherein it provides coverage even if a house becomes unfit for living.There is not one best homeowners insurance company for every home owner. For one thing, insurance plans are regulated at the state level, and premiums are set at local levels. Your rates could be very different than your brother's rates if he lives one zip code over. Other factors matter too.

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