Are you looking for a very unique homemade soap? Discover a homemade natural goats milk soap felted with Alpaca wool! This natural soap offers more than multiple skin care benefits, it is a lightweight, natural, soft, and silky scrubbie too!

What is natural goat milk soap? It is a homemade soap made with natural ingredients. You will not find this soap in any commercial department or discount store. It is handmade by a soap maker. Natural goats milk soaps contain mild and gentle, skin friendly, non-irritating ingredients. It is a naturally moisturizing soap. Skin will not be left dry, flaky, super tight or looking dull. This homemade soap reveals the underlying natural beauty of skin. Natural goats milk soap is so mild and gentle, it can even be used on the face! Goats milk soap is available in many natural fragrances or, Au Natural, unscented with no added fragrances.

Why is goats milk soap better than commercial brands? Commercial soaps can contain chemicals that are too harsh or harmful for skin. They can disrupt the natural pH balance of skin. It may take many hours before the skin’s pH balance is restored. Commercial soaps can leave your skin feeling dry and looking dull. Their harsh chemicals can cause havoc on the skin including redness, swelling, allergic reactions, rashes, and more. Natural goats milk soap maintains the normal pH balance of the skin. It leaves the skin’s acid mantle intact. It is a non-irritating, skin friendly, soap. Lots of acne sufferers have had great success using natural goats milk soap! Some say it is as good as homemade acne remedies. It provides multiple skin care benefits and is a healthful, nourishing, homemade soap. People with dry skin, dry itchy skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, acne and more notice a difference between natural goat milk soap and commercial soap the very first time they use it!

The Alpaca felted goats milk soap is truly unique! You will not find this kind of soap on everyone’s shower shelf! This homemade soap has, prestigious, Alpaca wool felted right to it. Alpaca wool is very soft like cashmere and lighter than sheep’s wool. It does not have a prickly feeling like sheep’s wool. It is strong and very fine. Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic. It will not irritate skin and does not contain harmful toxins. It is soft and gentle, enough, to use on baby skin as well as adults. Alpaca wool is used in many types of clothing including sweaters, cardigans, socks, gloves, hats, scarves, baby clothes and more. It is used in bedspreads, pillows, throws, blankets, stuffed animals, toys and more. Alpaca wool is recognized as a luxurious, prestigious, wool.

If you are looking for a, truly, unique homemade soap, then you should try Alpaca felted goats milk soap. It’s like no other soap you will ever come across. It is a cleansing, moisturizing soap and soft scrubbie all rolled into one! This homemade felted soap makes great, unique, gifts! Alpaca felted goats milk soap is a very unique, skin nourishing, natural, homemade soap! It is the best bar soap around!

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