Most people suffering from this disease will use a home treatment for kidney stones. But drinking plenty of water will only help flush stones that are smaller than 5 mm.

And some kidney stones can be up to 8 mm! If your stones are being stubborn, it may be time you try some secret remedies that have been shown to be more effective than water.

In this article, you will learn some simple tips to begin your kidney stone home treatment.

How to Flush a Kidney Stone

It is remarkable how simple it is to treat such a painful disease. Unfortunately, most people try to rely on doctors for treating this disease. Patients leave the doctor's office discouraged only to hear that drinking plenty of water was the only 'medication' prescribed. Some patients get expensive pain killers.

But after a few days or weeks, some patients still are dealing with the pain associated with this disease. If this is the case, you may need to involve your diet, vitamins or even some natural acids to begin the dissolving of the stones. Here are some better tips than 'drinking plenty of water'.

Tips from a Home Treatment for Kidney Stones

1. Drinking distilled water is the best water to be drinking because it is mineral-free. With no minerals flushing the kidneys, you may have better luck passing your stone.

2. Eating 5-7 servings of vegetables can be helpful because of the water soluble dietary fiber. Fiber and chlorophyll are two compounds which can help flush the kidneys. Asparagus, parsley and spinach are great options for vegetables.

3. For fruit, many patients have found that eating 2-3 watermelons in one day can be helpful. Because watermelon is mainly 'water' this seems to make sense.

4. There is a lot of research about acids dissolving the stones. Because the liver plays no role in regulating acids or bases, it makes sense that acids can reach the kidneys. The best acid remedies have used lemons (citric acid) and phosphoric acids.

5. Exercising is beneficial when suffering from this disease. Exercising has been shown to shift kidney stones in the organ which can greatly increase the chance of passing the stones. Try to work out in some way for 30 minutes daily. Abs or core workouts have been also very beneficial.

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Kidney Stone Remedies

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