There's no hiding the fact that the biggest gripe for many home business entrepreneurs is generating home business leads. The main reasons for this is an unfocused marketing strategy and inadequate lead generation training. Most home business owners try to become an expert in all marketing methods, resulting in them becoming an expert at none.

The real secret is to keep it simple. Generating home business leads can be done using two approaches - offline and online marketing. There's no doubt that much success has been had by many entrepreneurs, but the same is true for the many that have failed, mainly as a result of a personality mismatch.

Before analyzing each technique, it's important to mention three vital points:
• By selecting a marketing technique that compliments the type of person you are, you dramatically increase your success in generating home business leads
• The marketing approach you choose to implement will impact the quality of home business leads you attract
• Pursuing effective and specific marketing training is critical if you expect to succeed in marketing

That said; for each marketing approach let's consider the personality profile of home business entrepreneurs and business opportunity seekers responding to the marketing.

1. Offline Lead Generation

Offline advertising usually requires human influence. Examples may include personal contact marketing, home parties, flyer distribution, presentations, outdoor signs, radio and newspaper advertising, direct marketing and drop cards.

It's certainly not scientific, but the kind of individual that achieves success in offline marketing is usually one who likes to communicate directly with people (including strangers), is dynamic, energized, non-analytical and self confident. They're possibly the generation who haven't grown up with technology.

In general the profile of the business opportunity seeker responding to this marketing approach, is a conservative older generation individual who prefers to speak to the business owner (telephonically or in person) to develop a relationship and build trust before making a decision to move forward.

2. Online Marketing

In this instance, online leads are created through internet campaigns. Examples include PPC, article marketing, ezine and email marketing, SEO, banner advertising and social media.

Generating online leads has become popular amongst most home business entrepreneurs, due to the ease of execution, mass audience providing higher volumes of potential home business leads and the 'immediacy' of results. However, generating quality online leads requires effective training and valuable experience.

Mastering online marketing is no easy task thus those that have success are those willing to put the time and effort into learning the techniques to generating quality online leads. They are usually computer savvy, analytical and feel empowered by the internet.

Those business opportunity seekers that respond to online advertising are usually younger, well informed of the options available, expect timeous responses to their online requests and are comfortable communicating online. Building relationships and credibility are vital as there tends to be little trust in the beginning of an online association.

Thus in essence, it's obvious that one marketing approach to generating home business leads will be more compelling to certain personality traits than the other approach. Achieving success in each strategy requires you to decide upon an appropriate method matching your personality, identifying your perfect business opportunity seeker and focusing your marketing efforts in the area that appeals to them.

When starting out, it's impractical to expect to become a master in all marketing methods and trying to do so will kill your eagerness, ambition and outcome. Once you have identified a marketing strategy it's vital to seek training on those strategies from leaders who have accomplished the success you want to achieve.

Many home business owners miss these crucial steps and then question why they haven't achieved success! Be the "cause of", rather than the "result of" your outcome.

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Carla Baldock is a successful home business entrepreneur herself and now specializes in fast tracking the success of other network marketing entrepreneurs through effective lead generation marketing training.

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