Physical Therapy is a remarkable way to heal the body from a host of musculoskeletal afflictions, which could affect the back, the neck or any of the joints. This also works for many problems affecting our bones and muscles.

The therapy is very often based on the principle of decompression wherein pressure is applied on the joints to create space, between the vertebrae or the two adjoining bones at the joint. So the nerves get more space to breathe, and not just the joints are healthier, but one is also able to recover from a host of related conditions. Just as an example, if one is suffering from a sore back, it could cause pain in the legs, in a condition known as sciatica.

The Decompression Back Belt and The Neck Comforter

The Decompression Back Belt and The Neck Comforter are two fine physical therapy related devices which while being exceedingly useful, are easy to use, and require no additional assistance for usage.

So you could put these devices to use and say goodbye to pain. Alternately, these make a perfect item for gifting purposes for any near or dear one, who you know is prone to a backache or an ailing neck.

The Neck Comforter

The Neck Comforter provides relief from a stiff neck in a matter of just 20 minutes, and also helps you get over any related condition like a shooting pain in arms, dizziness or headaches.

The Decompression Back Belt

The Decompression Back Belt is easy to put on and easy to use. It's the best way to heal a sore back.

You just need to put the decompression back belt on and inflate it with the air pump that comes as a part of the kit. By using this, the spine is decompressed and one can get over any conditions like a pinched nerve in the back. This is highly effective even for getting over conditions like sciatica.

Using The Decompression Belt requires no external assistance. Use it as many times a day as you feel like, and you can use it while driving, sleeping, cooking, gardening or playing with your children.

Home Traction Devices: Letting you save trouble

The best part about using these two devices is that it simply saves trouble. One is not required to drive down to a physiotherapist for therapy session. Or wait for appointments.

As these require no external assistance, one can easily use these devices as many times as one requires. And no constrains on when you use these devices is yet one of the very important points which highlights the effectiveness of these devices.

You can use the decompression back belt even when you sleep, and this is a snug fit. You can wear it under your clothes, and others wouldn't even know that you are wearing it.

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