Home Remedies To Get Pregnant: Natural Remedies To Help You Conceive Fast

Home remedies for getting pregnant don't have to be your only path to take to getting pregnant. Although, this route is preferable because it addresses the deficient parts of your reproductive system that are preventing you from conceiving.

You can also use home remedies for getting pregnant alongside conventional approaches. Kind of like the way an athlete warms up and stretches before a game. These home remedies prepare your body for pregnancy, and without these preparations, no amount of pills or injections can address a holistic issue like pregnancy.

For instance, Clomid is great for producing extra eggs for fertilization, but what if your cervical mucus is too acidic for sperm to travel through to get to the egg? Can Clomid resolve that issue?

The answer is NO. But the home remedy involving vitamins such as evening primrose and other combinations of remedies will create more than enough mucus for sperm to travel through.

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So how do pills and injections actually decrease fertility to the point that conventional medicine only has an 8% success rate treating infertility?

First - They boost egg production, but by boosting egg production it throws your hormone levels out of balance, thereby negatively effecting your reproductive system. Clomid, and other egg production medications have also been linked to increased likelihoods of ovarian cysts and cancer.

Second - IVF treatments have less than a 10% success rate, and besides the heavy price tag of round $10,000, they also damage the body as well. Headaches, cramps, menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings, ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS), rapid weights gain, nausea, stomach swelling from cysts, and tubal pregnancies.

Third - These treatments reduce fertility because they create chaos in the body. In order to become pregnant you must prepare your body for all the physical changes your body must make to support a fetus. Without doing this first, you ultimately weaken your natural abilities and regulatory functions.

When it's all said and done, conceiving is just a matter of sperm fertilizing an egg. That's it. But there are dozens of things that can prevent that from happening besides ovulation times, number of eggs, or even age. If you know what to do to treat your body right, and do specific things to strengthen your reproductive system, you will have a higher chance of getting pregnant now as well as in the future. Unfortunately, with pills and injections, even if you do get pregnant the damage done to the body can make it your only time.

Although we look to modern medicine as the saving grace for all of our ills, infertility is not an illness and most conventional means are not meant to correct the root issues leading to infertility.

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How to get pregnant is the most common question these days for the new generation couples. Every woman wants to get pregnant and become the mother of a cute and healthy baby. Getting pregnant is a very natural thing in the world. Becoming mother of a baby is the basic instincts of all the women in the world. Many couples conceive their own child very easily. They do not need to meet any challenges for becoming parents. But there are many couples out there who face a lot of problems to conceive their own child. They try month after month with no success.

These days every problem has a solution, so, there is solution for those people also who are not able have their own baby. When a couple is not able to conceive naturally after one year of regular, unprotected and well-timed of intercourse is defined as infertile couple. Infertility is the only reason for not becoming pregnant. There is several reason of infertility. Many people think infertility is only for women but it's not true. Infertile may be men or women or both. So, if you recognize yourself as infertile, it does not mean that you should run to the doctor immediately. Treatment of infertility is quite expensive and it is diagnosed by very powerful medicines which may be harmful for you and your unborn baby. There are many ways to treat your infertility naturally. Many couple is turning to treat their infertility naturally. Natural ways help you in getting pregnant fast and naturally without any horrible side effects. Here are 2 secrets to treat your infertility naturally and it can help you in getting pregnant in just within 90 days.

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• right time of conception- when you decide to get pregnant, you need to give focus on correct tome of conception. The woman's egg is capable of being fertilize for only 24 hours after it released from the ovary. The man's sperm can live for between 48 hours and 72 hours in the woman's reproductive tract. Since sperm and egg must come together for creating of an embryo. So, couple must have the sex at least every 72 hours. If you want to increase the chances of getting pregnant, you should have sex before and after the ovulation. However, the man should not ejaculate more frequently than once in 48 hours, since that may bring his sperm count down too low for fertilization.

• take the diet for fertility boosting- one of the best way to increase the chances of getting pregnant means keep your internal system in order and more conducive. There are many foods which can help you in your efforts to become pregnant such as whole grain breads, beans, and full fat dairy products.

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I spend a lot of time writing articles trying to help couples become educated on how they can choose their baby's gender at home. Admittedly, there are a lot of variables that go into this and it can sometimes get a little confusing. Sometimes, I get emails from people who want to cut right to the chase and they ask me things like: "what did you do to conceive a girl baby?" Or "how did you get a boy baby?" In other words, they want to hear about someone's personal experience. So below. I will tell you what I did in each instance.

What I Did To Conceive A Boy Baby: There is basically three variables that you need to address: timing; PH; and sexual positions. I don't like to guess. I don't want to rely on only hope that I am on the right track. I need to know that I am on the right track. So I was a regular tester of my PH and of my ovulation cycle. I used a saliva ovulation predictor so I could see where I was in terms of ovulation. I used a PH tester so I could literally see how the douches and the diet I was using to make myself more alkaline (which is vital for producing a boy baby) were working. This allowed my to customize the regimen that was going to be the most effective to me. I continued to test these things until I knew that my ovulation day had passed AND my PH was alkaline enough for me to be comfortable that I wasn't so acidic that my PH was going to kill off the boy sperm. (It is extremely important that both of these things happen at the same time.) Once I had a positive test result on both counts, I knew that I was in the all clear to go ahead and have sex in an attempt to conceive. I used deep penetration as had been advised because I understood how important it was to cover all three variables.

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What You Do To Conceive A Girl Baby: For a girl baby, the process is the same but reversed. You would do the same things. You would regularly test your ovulation and your PH so that you could gauge where you were in cycle. But with a boy, you are trying for an alkaline PH and you are trying to have sex after ovulation. However, when you are trying to conceive a girl baby, your goal is just the opposite. You are going for an acidic PH and you want to have sex before ovulation. That is why testing is so important. For example, if you're trying an acidic diet and you are testing and still not getting the results that you want but know that you are very close to ovulation, then you may want to douche to make yourself acidic enough, especially since you need to have sex before ovulation rather than after it. Speaking of sex, the sexual positions that you use are going to be opposite of those to produce a boy baby. Instead of deep penetration that you'd use for a boy conception, you'd use shallow penetration when you are trying for a daughter.

I know that this is a lot of information. But don't get overwhelmed. Approach it methodically and just make sure you cover all three variables one at a time. Design a regimen that allows you to do this in the most convenient way as possible so you don't give up. Since there are so many foods from which to choose that will either be alkaline or acidic, choose the foods that you currently enjoy or already include in your diet.

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I often hear from people who are trying to determine what gender they might have conceived if they became pregnant on their last attempt. Usually, it is too early for them to tell for sure if they have been successful. But they are trying to gauge which gender they are more likely to have produced if they did indeed become pregnant.

I heard from a woman who had been trying to get pregnant for a couple of months. She has started reading about conception and gender selection and she learned that conceiving after ovulation makes a boy more likely. She had not been testing her ovulation, but she had been hoping (and assuming) that she ovulated mid way through her 28 day cycle. So, she had been having sex somewhere within the mid point, hoping to become pregnant. She and her husband wanted a boy baby. On her last attempt at conception, her husband had been out of town when she thought she might be ovulating. In fact, he didn't get back home until what she thought was around a week after ovulation. She asked me "if we had sex and became pregnant a week after I probably ovulated, does this mean I will get a boy?" I will answer these questions below.

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First of all, conceiving after ovulation gives you a better chance of conceiving a boy, but it is no guarantee. Second, this mother-to-be was not even totally sure when she ovulated. She was not checking with an ovulation predictor so her calculations may have been way off. And finally, if she were right and did attempt to conceive a whole week after ovulation, this window is far outside of what is considered optimal. Most people believe that the sperm lives for as many as 3 - 5 days after ovulation. I have even read some people make the claim of the sperm living for as many as 7 days, but this is considered to be well at the back end of the range. Another consideration is how long the egg lives after ovulation. Many believe that the egg dies off long before the sperm and that most of the time, the egg can only live for a few days or around 3 at the most. That's why a conception time of a week after ovulation would be extremely rare.

There is one possible scenario though. And that would be if the woman who wrote me actually hadn't ovulated a week ago but was early in her calculations. Since she hadn't actually tested herself, it is possible that she had ovulated later than she thought. If this was the case, then she might have still been within the window that it was possible to become pregnant.

Now, if it turns out that she did not become pregnant this month and wanted to try again, her best bet would be to actually test herself as ovulation approached. And once she got a positive indicating that ovulation took place, she should then wait a day or two to have sex, ensuring that conception happened after conceptions which favors boys. Additionally, she should have an alkaline PH and use the right sexual positions.

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