Home remedies for weight loss

Obesity is a very serious problem in itself and causes various other health ailments.Overweight is a disease in itself and therefore this health condition must not be ignored at any cost. If obesity does not take care of at the right time then it can cause serious consequences. Here are some home remedies for weight loss that will show good results if followed properly.

Effective home remedies for weight loss

Papaya soup

Papaya is excellent for the stomach and reduces weight. If you want to reduce weight fast then have papaya soup every day for at least three months. If you get bored of the taste then you can add some salt and pepper or any other herbs like oregano to taste. One can also have ripe papaya in breakfast.


Apart from papaya, raw tomatoes also help reduce weight. Early in the morning, have two raw tomatoes with some salt. This remedy if followed for two months will give you the desired result.

Green Tea

Green tea has a number of health benefits and helps in weight loss. Having green tea twice a day will provide as much health benefit as no other herbs can provide. Home remedies for weight loss must include green tea. Green tea is known to improve blood circulation and increase bone density. Green tea will strengthen the immune system and provide stamina to exercise.

Berries and curd

Berries and curd both these contribute to weight loss irrespective of taken individually or together. Both of these combined will make up for a good breakfast. You can include all types of berries like raspberries, grapes, blackberries, strawberries, and even blueberries. Have a bowl full of different types of berries and curd every day for at least four months. If you want, you can add some cornflakes or oat for some variety and taste.


Exercise is very important for weight loss. One does not have to go to any gym; just doing some, basic exercise at home will also work. Yoga is another excellent remedy for weight loss; there are some specific yoga asana, which are meant just for weight loss. Along with doing yoga, you must also follow strict diet, which will not include any calorie-enriched food.

Citrus fruit

One of the best home remedies for weight loss is to include citrus food in diet. Citrus food like orange, lemon and citrus limetta are very good for health and they will keep obesity as a bay. One can have these fruits at breakfast or in between meals.

Avoid red meat

People who are non-vegetarians must avoid red meat at any cost. Fish is a very good substitute for red meat and is rich in protein. It will provide the body with essential omega fatty acid, which will help form good cholesterol and kill bad cholesterol.

These were some of the best weight loss remedies and one must follow them religiously to get the best result.

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