Vertigo or Meniere's disease is the condition when one experiences imbalance of the body followed by dizziness, nausea or vomiting. It could be the result of many viral or bacterial infections, or due to the stress in the inner fluids of the ear. Vertigo could be both subjective and objective. Subjective vertigo is the condition when one feels one's body is moving or floating, whereas objective vertigo is the condition when on feels one's surroundings are moving and the ground below one's feet seems to be shaking. Some people may even experience double vision, and have difficulty in speaking or moving about during dizziness. Fear or anxiety could also be other reasons for vertigo. Migraine too could accompany dizziness.

Acute inflammation and discharge of fluids in the ears could lead to deafness. Vertigo could also result as a side effect of various medications, resulting in rise or fall of blood pressure in the body. Dehydration could also be a reason for dizziness.

There are some very simple and effective home remedies for vertigo that give immense relief, and one does not need to rush to a practitioner each time he/she feels uneasy.

1. The first thing one must do is to keep the body hydrated at all times by drinking enough water, about 10 glasses everyday.

2. A nutritious and well balanced diet is strictly recommended to provide the body with the required nutrients. Food should be eaten at regular intervals during the day. Extremely sweet and salty dishes should be avoided. Junk foods and chips can prove harmful for those suffering with vertigo.

3. While getting up from the bed, one must take care to get up slowly and carefully to prevent sudden imbalance from dizziness.

4. One of the easiest home remedies for vertigo would be to refrain from coffee, as it tends to imbalance the blood pressure.

5. An instant home remedy for vertigo would be to mix salt, black pepper and lemon juice in water and consume it immediately when one feels dizziness or nausea.

6. Ripe strawberries are excellent for people suffering with vertigo. They can also be mixed in yogurt to add to the taste.

7. Warm milk with almonds is an instant energy booster and reduces fatigue caused due to stress or lack of nutrition.

8. When a person feels extremely dizzy, he should be made to lie down and rest for a while with his head placed firmly on the pillow. Lack of sleep can also result in dizziness, so it is advisable to have sufficient sleep, thereby leaving the body relaxed.

9. The muscles of the neck can be massaged to relax the nerves, and thus lessen the stress that causes vertigo.

10. Ginger is a good herb with multi-purpose properties, and it can be consumed raw or in powdered form. This keeps the blood pressure of the body in control and helps prevent vertigo.

11. Excessive use of computers and video games should be refrained from, as this is bound to result in blurred vision and spinning surroundings.

12. If the problem persists for long despite trying out several home remedies, medical advice and treatment should be sought.

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