A dog that is spotted with a shabby fur is sure to have mange, which is caused by miniscule mites that are feasting on the pet. It could be found in cats and other canine species besides dogs. Mange mites live beneath the surface of the dog’s skin and feast on its blood, often causing allergy. The symptoms could be anything varying from weight loss to excessive scratching, to loss of appetite or dehydration. The fur of the animal becomes so thin due to hair loss and weight loss, that the skin appears pink and crusty or brown patches can be seen all over the body. In severe cases, blood can be seen on the pet’s skin.

Mange is of two kinds: Demodectic or the red mange found in dogs and Notoedric found in cats.

Thankfully, some home remedies for treating mange are quite simple and inexpensive.

The dogs should be regularly brushed or bathed with a solution prepared by adding hydrogen peroxide and borax to water. The hair on the dog's body should be shaved off to let the solution work more effectively. Also the dogs should not be wiped clean, but should be left to dry off naturally for longer lasting effect.

One of the home remedies for treating mange is to constantly keep removing the fur of the pet to prevent the mange or scabs from breeding and spreading. Regular bathing with a good soap or detergent can prevent the mange from spreading.

Coconut oil is a good disinfectant, as the mites cannot breathe in an oily environment. Moreover, coconut oil also helps the hair to grow back.

A paste prepared by mixing borax and water can be applied on the affected areas of the pet. It might itch a little in the beginning, but is sure to give results in due course of time.

Lemon with its multiple properties is one of the most wonderful things used in home remedies for treating mange. A few slices of lemon can be boiled in water and the water is left to cool overnight. The next morning the water is applied on the pet with the help of a sponge. Lemon acts as an excellent disinfectant.

All the pet's bedding and accessories should be thoroughly disinfected with Borax to prevent the pet from getting infected again. The carpets in the home should be cleaned with a little vinegar.

Home remedies for treating mange also include feeding the pets with the right kinds of foods. Most zinc foods or protein foods act as preventives. Non-vegetarian foods like pork, chicken and lamb contain zinc. Among vegetarian foods are beans, wheat, nuts and sesame that can be fed to the pets to help them fight mites. Adding garlic tablets to the diet is also useful.

Though some home remedies for treating mange are easy and inexpensive and save unnecessary errands to the vet, but if the problems persist for long, it is recommended to rush the pet to the vet for professional help.

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