The scabies is a skin disease which is informally known as seven year itch. Moreover, it is a contagious infection that affects the skin. In addition, this skin infection is caused by parasites which are microscopic organisms. And, the parasite that causes this skin infection is clinically known as sarcoptes scabiei. Furthermore, the female species of this parasite lay 3 eggs in the duration of 24 hours under the skin layer. Also, if a person comes in direct contact of the skin of the infected person, he may also get infected. The home remedies for scabies eliminates the parasite, and prevents further increase of the infection.

There are many symptoms which will tell about the infection. Firstly, intense itching is the most common symptom of this skin infection, and it may worsen at night. The home remedies for scabies are efficient in treating the itching, and helps the infected person to enjoy goodnight sleep. Secondly, it is likely to develop rashes while suffering from this skin infection. In addition, this skin infection affects the hands, fingers, knees, wrists, elbows, underarms, and waist. Thirdly, a person’s skin may develop red colored skin bumps due to the infection. Also, in many cases it is seen that the skin of infected person develop bumps instead of rashes but, the home remedies for scabies are effective in the treatment of both, bumps and rashes.

The immune system works hard to eliminate the parasite, and its waste products. And, the symptoms are result of the combat between parasite and immune system. The home remedies for scabies helps the immune system to get rid of the infection. Furthermore, the symptoms of this skin infection develops in few weeks, and the skin of a person who have never suffered from this infection develops the rashes or bumps until 2 to 6 weeks after getting infected. Some effective home remedies for scabies are mentioned ahead that may eliminate the parasite and its eggs.

1. Gently massage the infected area with margosa oil. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of margosa oil are effective in eliminating the microscopic organisms.

2. Mix 10 ml tea tree oil with 90 ml. of distilled witch hazel, and store it in a bottle. Apply reasonable amount of this mixture on the infected parts to eliminate parasitic infection.

3. This is one of the most useful home remedies for scabies. Apply fresh juice of apricot leaves on the infected parts to get rid of the infection.

4. Mix powdered neem with powdered turmeric. Add mustard oil in the mixture to form paste. Apply this paste on the infected parts at night, and leave it overnight.

5. Applying burdock oil on the infected parts is one of the most useful home remedies for scabies itch.

In conclusion, the mentioned home remedies for scabies are quite effective in getting rid of the infection, but it is important to include various nuts in your diet. Also, it will be helpful to consume fresh vegetable juice. In addition, increase intake of various fruits, or fruit juices. Furthermore, the fruits, vegetables and nuts will strengthen the immune system, and they will also help to fight the parasitic infection.

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